OTC for Gyno

  1. OTC for Gyno

    Is there any OTC supplement that can help with preventing and/or stop the first signs of gyno?

  2. what are your symptoms?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by powerlinelift View Post
    Is there any OTC supplement that can help with preventing and/or stop the first signs of gyno?
    formestane, topical atd, epistane, havoc..

  4. first sign of gyno you want him to start taking epi?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by delsolrob View Post
    first sign of gyno you want him to start taking epi?
    epi has been shown to reduce gyno. I'm just throwing some suggestions out there, didn't see yours.

  6. your responses for ATD and Form are on the money...

    epi has the potential to reduce the signs of gyno over the course of a cycle...I wouldn't rec that you just start taking epi (a steroid) at the first sign of gyno though.

    why I asked about symptoms, if they seem to be more prolactin based issues then it could be as simple as dosing B6/P-5-P. a lot of people mistake other issues with gyno. puffy/sensitive nipps don't = gyno.

  7. the reason i ask is b/c im starting a cycle soon...im trying to get as much knowledge as possible before i start. i dont have the means to get nolva, so i was wondering if there was an otc supp. for gyno.

    also what is p-5-p?

    if someone does get puffy/sensitive nipps what do you do for that?

  8. what is your proposed cycle?

    P-5-P is one of the active coenzyme forms of vitamin B-6.

  9. im thinking about running a 2 week cycle of m1t

  10. IDK, but I'd say don't run that unless you've got the propper supports on hand.

  11. what do you mean by not having the means to get nolva/tamoxifen? If you have internet access you have means, unless you're a minor with no debit/credit card, in which case steroids will do you more harm than good anyway. Always try to get tamoxifen (nolva), clomid, toremifene, etc, etc if you can, it's worth it. And unless a site is price gouging, Nolva/tamox is just as cheap if not cheaper than anything over the counter, and it's stood the test of tme apparently for effective prevention in most cases.

  12. Poliquin believes a lot in ZMA for reducing gyno. But then again, this is poliquin, so who knows.
    The Truth is, there is no Truth.

  13. M1T can aromatase, I would not run this (even for two weeks) without a serm on hand. be sure to take cycle support before, while on, and post cycle too!

  14. Yeah, at this point anyways, Nolva, clomid, or any of the others would almost immediately be cheaper than M1T anyways...


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