Wow the Havoc kicked in

  1. Wow the Havoc kicked in

    I told myself that i would focus on my legs this cycle and wow. I always had a soild upper body and never really worked my legs except for running but since i dont run as much anymore i'm starting to put size on my legs now. To the point, I'm on day six and the first day i tried to go up to 450 on the press but only got to 390 full 8 reps and couldnt even move 450! Today i went up again and not only moved the 450 but pressed it 15 times. I'm really impressed and excited about next week! Also i'm up 5 pounds in lbm

  2. I noticed increase in strength 1st week also. Congratulations on your 5 lb increase in LBM. I was under the impression that would kick in later on around the 3rd week. I'm in my 3rd week of pulsing an Epistane clone with phenominal results but I have not gained any weight, the scale still reads the same.

    Have fun!

  3. Glad to hear its working well for you!

  4. How many calories are you eating?

  5. Around 4000 calories. I'm on my 3rd day of stacking the Havoc with P-plex and i'm dropping the Havoc after this week and doing the P-plex for 1 more alone then stacking it with M-drol for a week then doing the M-drol for 2 more weeks then going back to the Havoc for 2 weeks before starting the Nolva. I'm down 2% BF and up 10Lbs on curls and 20 on the bench. This is getting good, I just hope I can keep it!

  6. wow 2% bf. thats good to hear bout the legs i also have a hard time with legs. wana do epistane just for legs.

  7. The power you pick up will really motivate you


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