My 1st Cycle of 1-AD, 4-AD & 6OXO

  1. My 1st Cycle of 1-AD, 4-AD & 6OXO

    I'am 21 year old, I have been bb for about 3 years now and have decided to use Prohormones! I workout 5 days a week, and currently on a bulking diet. I have been doing research for a couple of months now and I believe that I have come up with the prefect ( beginner ) cycle.

    Products I have decided to use:

    Ergopharm 1-AD - 60 Caps - 100mg per Cap
    AST 4 Diol 250 - 60 Caps - 250mg per Cap
    Ergopharm 6oxo - 60 Caps - 100mg per Cap


    WEEK 1-3

    1-AD: 300mg: 3 Caps a day: Morning(Before workout)/Lunch/Before Bed
    4-AD: 500mg: 2 Caps a day: Morning(Before workout)/Before Bed

    WEEK 4-6

    1-AD: 600mg: 6 Caps a day: 2 Morning/2 Lunch/2 Before Bed
    4-AD: 750mg: 3 Caps a day: 1 Morning/1 Lunch/1 Before Bed

    WEEK 5- 6oxo: 500mg /
    WEEK 6- 6oxo: 400mg \ All 6oxo Caps to be
    WEEK 7- 6oxo: 300mg / taken before Bed!
    WEEK 8- 6oxo: 200mg \

    Please comment/critise on my cycle.

  2. changing the cycle.....

    Sorry about this but I wrote the wrong cycle down, this is what I plan to do.....

    WK 1 1-AD- 300MG 4-AD- 750MG
    WK 2 1-AD- 300MG 4-AD- 750MG
    WK 3 1-AD- 400MG 4-AD- 750MG
    WK 4 1-AD- 500MG 4-AD- 1000MG
    WK 5 1-AD- 600MG 4-AD- 1000MG

    For a 5 week cycle I use up 142 1-AD capules, but I brought 3 bottles of ergopharms 1-AD ( 60 caps in a bottle ) which leaves me a total of 38 caps left. Should I increase the dose in the 2nd week?

    Also is there any alternatives for Nolva & Arimidex ( to prevent gyno ) because I cant get hold of them or they are just too expensive!!! ( i live the UK everything is expensive )

    Finally, what do u suggest i get for sleeplessness? I would of liked to get malatonin but it is not avalible in the UK

    Please critise and comment........

  3. Bro, i'm not a fan of ramping up dosages. Since it's your first cycle, I would just do 400mg of 1-AD and 750mg of 4-AD for 4-6 weeks (if you still experience libido/lethargy problems, increase 4-AD dosage). Should give you great gains.

    If you plan on doing a cycle with alot of 4-AD, you NEED to have nolva on hand (unless you want manboobs).
  4. reply...

    what was your previous prohormone experiences like? what products did u use? how long your cycle was for? what doses did u do? and what side effects did u encounter? please reply....
  5. Re: reply...

    I've done about 6 PH cycles, both oral and transdermals. I've used 1-AD/4-AD orally, but it was 3rd cycle and went with a higher dosage. I did 600mg of 1-AD amd 900mg of 4-AD for 5 weeks and got really good results (gained about 16lbs). Strength went up on all lifts ~25%, and i was able to keep most of it, I was definitely stronger even after going off cycle. This was just what i needed to get past a sticking point. I did feel a little lethargy, but not much libido probs, from 1-AD and should have increased the 4-AD. I noticed some bloat, but wasn't too bad and my blood pressure didn't go up much that I didn't take any anti-e's.

    I would do another 1-AD/4-AD cycle again if it wasn't so expensive. Transdermals are just so much more cost effective.

  6. Go with transdermals if you can. They're better and cheaper.


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