Transdermals with Eq and test propionate

  1. Transdermals with Eq and test propionate

    What rate of absortion would I get out of a transdermal made with test propionate and/or equipoise if I don't remove the esters???
    Don't you think that with test propionate at least it should be effective due to the low weight of the ester? I mean, if it works with fina, whose ester has a similar weight it should also work with test propionate, doncha think?

  2. 20% max
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  3. Don't waste your time and money. I tried test no ester trans and it didn't work. Use 4-AD it works better trans then test.

  4. Are you planning on putting the actual powder in or the premade inject? Don't understand why you wouldn't use test base and bold base if you do have access to powders.

  5. I don't have access to powders, I would mix the liquid in the ampoulle with the transdermal formula.

  6. Smile

    shoot it brother!

  7. That would be the most expensive transdermal in history then lol. Take a cheap ass UG lab for example, you purchase say 5 x 10ml bottles of bold undeclyante at 200mg/ml at say $60 a bottle ($300 total). That's 10 grams total of hormone at 20% max absorbed that'll be 2000mg absorbed which would last you a whole 5 weeks at 400mg per week which is when the stuff will begin to kick in and you'll have to run it another 5 weeks atleast. Plus the oil in the juice will not be fun to apply and will damper absorbtion even more as it will never dry as it's just oil.

    Maybe there's a way to extract test base out of a premade test suspension solution, i don't know how much of it would be already dissolved in solution compared to how much is in not dissolved. That's your best option but even better would be to just inject some test enanthate and eq

  8. dude get over the needEL ..... .............SORRY



    sorry I was drunk after a fight with the girlfriend when I wrote this post
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  9. B12, that was a little harsh bro, needles for some are just not a option. I have zero fear of them but i intend to incorporate dermals in all of my cycles along with injects

  10. I know it's just the truth ...I tried to tone it down ...but the truth needes to be said ............

    I had a lot of tention over my first injection ..and I laugh about it now .....I think everyoe should get a slin pin and poke them selves a few ties before they do there first would help

  11. Drunk or not, lets keep it civil from now on....

  12. I thought I edited it

  13. Originally posted by Bobo
    20% max
    0% max with the boldenone undecylenate, probably 10%max with the testosterone propionate.


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