Making my own spironolactone topical solution with emu oil, help.

  1. Making my own spironolactone topical solution with emu oil, help.

    I wish to make a topical spiro solution in order to stop hairloss and regrowth some hair (if at all possible). I was thinking about grinding spironolactone tabs and then mixing them with emu-oil, as a vehicle. Do you think I can do this?
    I would also like to do the same with finasteride.

  2. Does finastride have site specific properties?

    I know that nizoralman uses alchol and propylene glycol for his products, you don't want the stuff to be absorbed in your body so no need to use chemicals that may be absorbed systematically.

  3. I always use emu-oil in my topical aplications, not to aid absortion but because it reduces hairloss by itself. In order to make a spiro solution someone told me that you don't get that funny odor if you mix it with a lipid.

  4. ICIC, the most important thing is whether the spiro will dissolve or not in the oil. Try a few tabs and see otherwise you'll have to find another solvent to go along with the oil.

  5. that's gonna be no problem, because I'm not going to solve the tablets in the solution, what I'm gonna do is just grind them and them mix them with the emu-oil.

  6. i think it's important to enhance absortion, not because you want it to absorve systemically of course but because you want it to "go down" deep enough to reach the scalp Androgen Receptors. It seems that you won't experience systemic effects when spiro is used topically (perhaps due to a very high molecular weight???, don't know).

  7. I don't know how effective that will be, not to mention if they don't dissolve you're gonna have white chunkies all over your head. I'd hit up in the hair section, nizoralman knows all about this stuff.

  8. Yeah, the problem is that it's difficult to get Nizoralman to answer your questions, it looks like he's a very busy man.... don't know.
    I have a hairloss product that contains saw palmetto+niacin which farmacists use to make formulas, it's in a alcoholic base. Perhaps it would be a great idea to mix the ground spiro with that product. Any incompatibility??

  9. hmmm good question, if it's already a alcohol based product then it could work but the only worry would be whether or not it would be too much powder to stay in solution (saw palmetto + niacin then adding spiro may be too much). I think nizman is busy but makes time when it results in a sale Pm him if you haven't already, and check your pm's aswell.

  10. Hey neurotic, I'd like to hear what your gonna do w/ the recipe once you decide, so make sure you post back man. --thx...

    O/T, but I have used NM's 2%spiro before w/ not much luck. I recently bought some 5% spiro cream cuz I'm debating on running a 1-test cycle again. Last time(s) I had some hair loss in the front, and so I started it a few days ago to see if I can get any regrowth at the time being. How do you guys apply the cream? It's so hard to work w/ plus I have really thick long hair. I try to get it in the scalp as much as possible, but I know its not enough. Any hints on how I can apply it better? Don't know much about other products for the front vortex, so I'm giving the higher concentration a try.

  11. why not just take it oraly it's real cheep in our store and tastes great....$50 for 3 months supply

  12. How much more would I need to make up for absorption? In comparision to the 5% cream? I never knew orals were made for spiro, thx b12.

    BTW, wouldn't orals have to be systematic?

  13. sorry the finasturide is oral .....not the spiro the spiro doesn't work ask any dermatoligest (sp )
    Last edited by buyb12; 09-17-2003 at 12:34 AM.

  14. Originally posted by buyb12
    sorry the finasturide is oral .....notthe spiro the spiro doesn't work ask and dermatoligest (sp )
    Damn dude, thats a pretty bold statement. I know of a lot of bros that its helped.

  15. I have heard a lot of good things about spiro as well.

  16. Well, in fact, Spironolactone is a much stronger anti-androgen than finasteride. Finasteride turned out to be the choice (orally) due to the fact that spiro, when taking orally, has unbearable side effects.
    There are even people who have stated that topical spiro might be as effective as oral finasteride when it comes to combating hairloss.


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