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    I am hoping it will be in tonight. I am planning on starting my cycle tonight. I have taken the past few weeks to gradually increase my cals. from my cutting phase. I am going to bulk up to about 235-240. I started at 195 and am up to about 205 (mostly water weight switching from CKD, to somewhat 40,40,20 breakdown). I will be dosing my Power LGP at 4 weeks, 4ml twice a day or 233mgs of 1-test and 200mgs of 4ad. I will be eating around 4000 cals. (trying a clean bulk for awhile) 350 protein, 450 carbs, 80 fat. And for those keeping track, I know, it is actually 3920 cals, 36% protein, 46%carbs, 18% fat, but you get the general idea of my ratios. I am doing no cardio during this. I will be training on 2 days on, 1 off, 3 on, 1 off, doing each bodypart once a week.

    I have nolvadex post cycle. Quick question, I ordered the nolvadex in mid June and it has been sitting in my room stored at room temperature. So it has been sitting there for about three months. Is this ok? I know I should store it in the fridge for any extended period of time, but there are certain people in my house that know what tamoxifen is for and would flip out if they saw it. THe product looks fine, I have a bottle and a half left, enough to get two cycles out of. I will probably do another cyle a couple of months after this one. Which means the nolv. will be sitting in my room for a few more months.

    I will be dosing the nolv. at 2ml-40mcgs for the first week and then 1ml-20mcgs for the next 2 weeks. I lower the volume aftewards, keep the intensity high, take flax seed oil 3 times a day, some ZMA post cycle, saw palmetto for the prostate, and keep the cals. high.

    I am experimenting with training while on cycle. I have previously been using 5 two a days, to hit everybody part twice a week while on cycle. I did this with success. But I now want to try and just keep my workout the same as I do normally (5 days a week, hitting each muscle once a week) and just add an extra set and a few more reps. per exercise instead of shifting to two-a-days. I want to see how my body responds with a little more rest. I think I may have been overtraining with the two-a-days. I was getting 9-10 hours of sleep a day though and I got good results, I just want to see another training style while on.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I will keep this thread updated.


  2. Nolva will be fine bro, if you would of cooled it it would have just crystalized (needed to be reheated is all). Good luck with cycle!

  3. Thanks Chemist. That is what I thought. Thursday will be the end of week 1, I will weigh in then.

  4. Just wanted to keep updated in regards to skin irritation. I have posted before that I have very sensitive skin and I get heat rashes in the bend of my elbow and on my shoulders and upper chest. My previous cycles I have broken out kind of bad in those areas. Some read patches that are noticeable. They usually took a few days to go away and then my return upon next application in that area.

    With Power LGP, on the second day of application, I started to notice a little redness. I applied hydrocortisone once on those areas that night and the next day they were gone and I haven't really had any problems since. So from my personal experience, skin irritation is less with the new PE Gel. Just wanted to say that. But I will keep posted in regards to this and my weight and measurements. I took measurement before and I will take them after.

  5. I weighed in this morning at about 213 (I do my weighing the first thing in the morning before I do anything), that is 8 pounds in about a week. I didn't want to put this because it seems rediculous but I am up the weight. Is it all muscle, off course not. Is it more water, I can tell it is. But the funny thing is, my abs are starting to show more. I noticed it and so did my girlfriend. I was also only into my bulking diet for about 3 weeks before I stated this, so the increase in cals. has alot to do with it too. But still, I wouldn't have gained 8 pounds in a week though without it. I am extremely pleased. I finally have all my pictures developed and my girlfriend has a scanner so I will post some before and after pics. Also my pics from a year and a half ago when I was 270.

    As for side effects, none to report. No lethargy and definitely not having problems with libido. Definitley very please thus far.

  6. Day 12

    I weighed in at about 216. My diet was sloppy over the weekend. But I was still getting the cals. I needed and the protein intake I wanted. It just wasn't the cleanest of foods.

    No sides whatsoever. I usually never get any sides except for the skin irritation but with this, I haven't had any since the beginning. So I am very please with that. I am definitely enjoying this. Strength has gone up some. We will see at, this week and next week should be when I explode.

  7. Day 14 - I weighed in this morning when I first woke up at 218. My weight is shooting through the roof.

    No sides whatsoever. No lethargy, no problems with libido, no acne, no skin irritations. Just alot of weight gain.

    Strength is now starting to shoot through the roof. For instance, my DB press, went up by about 3 reps. from last week. I am really looking forward to these next two weeks.

  8. Day 19 - I am weighing in at 220. No sides whatsoever. definite strength increases. I am really looking forward to my workouts this week, my strength should be through the roof. Very happy with this cycle so far.

    Here is a pic of me from Friday. I just got the new VX6000. My gym is kind of dark so the pics did not turn out so good but you can still see somewhat. I will hopefully be putting up pre and post cycle pics when I get a chance to scan them. I am the one in the middle. I am 6'2", 220. The guy on the right is about 5'9" 240. And the guy on the left is like 5'"11 about 190.

  9. Another

  10. One more, sorry for the poor quality.

  11. Good work.  Keep us posted.

    On a side note that phone kicks ass (I have the same one).  You should go to http://textamerica.com and set up a free "moblog". You upload to the site directly from your phone and it posts the pix automatically.



  12. Sweet,

    Thanks Huge, I just set up an account.

  13. Day 22 - I am about the same weight as before. My strength gains have been very nice. No sides whatsoever. I am very pleased. No skin irritation either. Very pleased. 15lbs in 3 weeks. I can't complain. I don't care what kind of weight it is, 15 lbs is alot in 3 weeks. I will make sure to post pics.

  14. Great work, bro. I just finished a cycle of Power LGP 1-T myself. I have ultra-sensitive skin and when applying to my arms, it looked like I had a sun tan. Some people commented like "You get some sun yesterday?" and I'd be like "Umm..I just ran here so I'm a little flushed."

    I'm on day 8 of my post-cycle Nolva now.

  15. Day 23 - I weighed in at about 223 this morning. So I am up 18 pounds since I started this cycle. Strength is still getting better and I have had no sides whatsoever.

  16. Originally posted by Ibench800
    Great work, bro. I just finished a cycle of Power LGP 1-T myself. I have ultra-sensitive skin and when applying to my arms, it looked like I had a sun tan. Some people commented like "You get some sun yesterday?" and I'd be like "Umm..I just ran here so I'm a little flushed."

    I'm on day 8 of my post-cycle Nolva now.
    How did your cycle go? As in weight gain, strength, sides, etc...

  17. Day 26 - Weighing in at about 227. This has been amazing, I can't wait to post my pre and post cycle pics. Iwill be taking pics. on Friday and commencing my post cycle therapy too. This cycle has been great. The best to date. There have been alot of people who have commented on the size I have gained. I will also take all my measurements this weekend and hopefully post them soon too. I have had no side except for a few zits on my back, that is about it. Thanks legalgear for a great product.

  18. Just had a question for legal gear. I was dosing this a 4ml twice per day which means it should last 30 days. I started on September 10 (one dose that night) and I ran until now. Well on Monday it was about gone. It was only squirting out a little bit. So it only actually lasted me about 25 and 1/2 days. I have been scraping the bottom to get more out of it, but with previous cycles with Avant and with your T1Final, I was getting full squirts up to the full 30 days (or whatever I was spacing it out for). I was just curious why this bottle fell short. No problem, just was curious. I always thought if it lasted 30 days, it should be 30 days of full squirts. Just thought I would bring it up.

    As for an update, great product, I am at about 227, so that is 22 pounds in about 27 days. That is unbelievable.

  19. Whoa, 22 pounds. I am sure everyone noticed the change. How is the lean/fat gain ratio?

  20. I wish I would have had my bodyfat and lean muscle mass taken before and after. I pretty much rely upon the mirror and my stats. I can tell I have put on some bodyfat in the waist but besides for that very little. My girlfreind actually thinks I am more defined now than I was before. I will be posting pics of before nad after and stats so you guys can see the progress. These are also taken with a better camera too. But anyhow, my strength has gone up alot and overall I can tell I have put on some size and a couple of people at work have asked what else am I taking besides for protein. I just tell them I eat alot of chicken!!! LOL

  21. I finished up yesterday. I am weighing in at about 227. So that is 22 pounds in 28 days. I can't really complain. My post cycle starts tonight. I am dosing 40mcg of Novaldex per day for the first week and then 20 for the next two weeks. I am dosing flax seed oil 3-4 times a day, some saw palmetto, zma, keeping cals. up and lowering my training volume. wish me luck on my post cycle. Thanks legal gear for the great product.

  22. I am going to buy some M-1t in the near future and probably stack taht with 4AD for a 4 week bulk phase. Probably like 20mgs of Methyl and 400mgs of 4ad per day. I think that will be an excellent stack. I am going to take the next three months off though, just to give myself a break.

  23. Just wanted to give an update. It has been 12 days after my cycle. I am down to about 222. So I have dropped 5 pounds since end but up 17 pounds since the beginning.

  24. Ok, well I was down to about 220 about 6 days ago and now the weight is coming back on. I am on my last day of nolvadex. My strength is still going up. I am up to almost 225 as of this morning. I upped my calories another 500 to about 4700-5000 so I am sure that made a big difference. My goal is to keep eating like a madman and hopefully get to 250 by March.


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