M1T. Has anyone used this brand?

  1. M1T. Has anyone used this brand?

    It's okay mods, no source posting or anything, I'm just wondering, has anyone used this brand of M1T - "Andropharm International M1T"? Any experience anyone? Or is it a bunk product?

  2. Acutally I was going to try it out w/ my friends but I backed out and let my friend do it first.

    Before he purchased the item he got the real substance analysis and it was like 97 or 98% real shiet.

    Newayz... my homie got the same results as from Underground Labs M1T.

    I think its some good shiet

  3. gained an average of 13~15 lbs in a 4 week cycle wit 4-AD got some serious acne but o wells thats my sides.

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