im getting ready to do a halo-tren cycle in may,and after reading that most have better results by upping the dosage on hdrol i was wondering if i could run hdrol with the halo-tren. i have a bottle of hdrol so it wouldnt be a problem to add it in. its halo-tren by bcs and hdrol by cel, im no chemist so i really dont know if they are compatable,anyway if someone knows, how about letting me know. im currently finishing up my pct after running the hemadrol/propadrol stack,it was ok i, put on 8 lbs and have held onto 6 of it so i think it went well.i read that some guys have had good srength gains off of hemadrol,i had none. it was a smooth run with no sides but i didnt have that cant wait to lift something heavy feeling, no real drive when lifting but i got through least i didnt hurt anything.libido went down in the 3rd week but it came back quickly during my pct,i just use otc stuff so i dont expect miracles.this time i would like to cut up some and have that teeth knashing feeling again without losing to much mass. suggestions welcome,later maynard