<FONT face=Verdana><B>Don't Let Congress Make Creatine, Whey, and Vitamins Illegal</B>

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This might have been posted before, but I think everyone must help stop Congress' continued infringement on our rights.

(Bad) S. 722: This bill, if passed, will give the FDA full discretion to deem a supplement safe or not. This means that if they feel creatine to be unsafe, they will make it illegal or prescription-only (can you say scheduled creatine??). The real evil in this is the pharmaceutical industry's ability to lobby the FDA to make effective supplements deemed illegal. So any supplement that helps you sleep, gain muscle, relax, prevent or treat illness, etc. can become illegal because it competes with prescription-only drugs. So maybe you're thinking that the FDA won't be so corrupt and stupid -- don't give them the chance to prove you wrong!

(Good) S. 1538: This bill, if passed, will allot more money to FDA to support research of supplements and standardizations. More importantly, it will make the FDA accountable for its actions each year.

I strongly urge you to contact your local Congress(wo)men and tell them you oppose S.722 and support S.1538. You can E-mail them, but calling will be much more effective and let them know you are serious about this. Tell them that you and all of your friends and family WILL vote against them if they vote for S.722 and/or against S.1538. Tell everyone you know who likes being able to buy amino acids (already prescription-only in many countries!), multi-vitamins, protein powder, and other supplements over the counter to contact Congress ASAP. This is serious, folks.

Congress already made gear illegal just to help athletic organizations curb steroid use (they haven't been illegal that long). If you think these laws are too stupid to pass, just look at the wacko laws that are constantly passed. There has already been a media witchhunt for ephedra, the rest of the supplements are next! Do your part now! Here are some links to find out about these laws and how to contact your representatives: