Cutting cycle Sust + Primo

  1. Cutting cycle Sust + Primo

    Ok guys, what do you think about my cycle, it's a very mild cycle, with minimal sides, slightly anabolic, to maintain and build (5lbs max) lbm.

    Day 0: Sust 500mg + 5000iu hcg
    Day 10: Primo depot 200mg
    Day 15: Primo depot 200mg + 5000iu hcg
    Day 20: Primo depot 200mg
    Day 25: Primo depot 200mg
    Day 30: Primo depot 200mg + 5000iu hcg

    Aromitization: none
    Hpta function: slight decrease


    1/ I don't think adding tamoxifen from day 0 to 20 is necessary as one injection of sust 500mg is hardly going to be a problem.

    2/ hpta function: what kind off pct should I be looking at? PCT is really going to depend on my degree of supression.

    a) Serm + ai + test boost + cortisol control
    b) Serm + test boost + cortisol control
    c) Serm + test boost
    d) Serm
    e) ai + test boost + cortisol control
    f) none

    3 weeks: starting day 35 (half life primo)
    day35-day38: 100mg Clomid (stimulation of hpta/rebound gyno)
    day39-day45: 75mg Clomid
    day46-day51: 50mg Clomid
    day52-day56: 25mg Clomid

    test boost: MassFX 4caps/day day35-day65

    Cortisol control: Retain 2: 4caps/day (week1), 3caps/day (week2), 2caps/day (week3), 1cap/day (week4).

    ai: Hyperdrol X2: 2caps/4caps/6caps/3caps.

  2. bump, need help with my pct.

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