M-Drol, PSLIN, and RIFLE Cycle - Critique please

  1. M-Drol, PSLIN, and RIFLE Cycle - Critique please

    Just looking for some feedback on this cycle. I know it seems like a weird one, but I want to experiment a little.. that.. and I have just enough left over from all of these supps for a 3 week cycle. Might as well use em' for something rather than letting them go to waste, eh?

    Basically I want to do a quick cycle for lean mass.

    Rifle is a fairly unknown product. I'm using it because I have just enough left over for this cycle. They claim to be "High powered protein tablets." This will NOT replace my daily protein intake, just an added bonus. It also has 4,000mg of IGF-1, Lactoferrin 6mg, and IGG 370mg with every serving.

    Anyway, dosages are as follows:


    1 Cap/Day - 3 weeks

    1 Serving Post Workout / 3 weeks

    Support Supps:
    Life Support

    20/20/20 possibly a fourth week at 20 also just in case I'm not back to normal.

    I may throw in some Cell Tech that I have left over also.

    If there is interest in this from everybody, I will log my progress and have before and after pics.

    Btw, I train in MMA. I've heard some scary stories about Superdrol and cramps. I'll take it slow and see how it goes. I've took DBOL and trained through calf/back pumps and the flu achiness DBOL brings... hopin' i can handle the superdrol sides during training.


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