Prohormones and contest dieting

  1. Prohormones and contest dieting

    Hey what's up guys. I haven't posted really at all on this site but i've been around for a while.

    I would like to know if anyone has used PHs in their contest preparation. If so, when did you start the cycle during say a 12 week contest diet? Also how long did you run your cycle? This will be my first contest so I figured it would be nice to try a PH during my preparation. I have used 1-test and 4ad this past summer for a short two week cycle and gained around 10lbs. The only reason my cycle was short was because I sprained my lower back and had to take some time off from training.

    I was thinking of using Nordiol and maybe 3 alpha transdermally. I have a full bottle of One+ with two grams of 1-test added that I have never used but I do not want the added bloat. Is there something I could take with this.

    You're help would greatly appreciated.



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  3. I dieted using 1-test, 4-ad, and 1,4ad. The brand was VPX. I started at 10 weeks out. At 4 weeks out I dropped the 4-ad and added a low dose of 5aa. At three weeks out I chickened b/c I did not think I would be ready. Anyways, I actually gained a couple of pounds while dieting w/ really low carbs. You will find ph's to be very beneficial to maintain strength and size while shedding bodyfat.

  4. Thanks for the info man. I've got about 7 weeks of dieting left so I think I may try some combination soon. Do you think just running 3 alpha by itself for the final 6 weeks would be a good idea?


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