Xtreme tren & Propadrol Stack????

  1. Xtreme tren & Propadrol Stack????

    I have a bottle of Xtreme Tren and a bottle of Propadrol and I was wondering if these could be taken together or not. I have taken trenadrol (4 weeks by its self) and I am now in the middle of my post cycle therapy for Epistane (4 weeks by its self). I am just trying to line up my next stack and gather as much info as I can right now.

  2. you could do that it would be a rather dry cycle and very good for lean gains/ recomp.

  3. you could run into some prolactin issues with two progestins. Run it with powerfull and have P5P on hand. Serious strength and muscle hardening though.

  4. I ran Xtreme-Tren with MMA-3 (bold.) and had nice results. I dropped the MMA-3 because I felt I wasn't getting **** out of the product and kept the Tren.

    X-Tren was good. It recomped my body and my strength gains went up about 30lbs all around. I didn't gain much weight (maybe 3lbs?), but everything was hard as a rock and tight. Workouts were much more focused, also. I would run Xtreme-Tren at the end of a cycle with a wet mass bulking compound. I think that would be interesting to see

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