Quick question about what to do mid-cycle...

  1. Quick question about what to do mid-cycle...

    I'm thinking about starting up a transdermal cycle in a couple of weeks. The only thing that might slow me down is that I have a weekend trip planned right in the middle of the cycle. I would run the cycle up through both applications on a Friday, then I would miss (at least) BOTH applications on Saturday and one application on Sunday.

    There really is not a good way around this for me.

    The only potential mitigating solution would be to take, say, 600mg or 900mg of ORAL 4-ad on Saturday.

    Should I do that to keep the cycle going? Should I not worry? Or should I just wait to start the cycle?

  2. why not just bring it with you?

  3. I would wait.

  4. Wait or bring it with you.

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  5. I guess I'm just having a mental picture of something that is not exactly the easiest or quickest thing to apply. I can figure out a way to rearrange my morning schedule before work, but weekends in general are going to be a pain. I may just have to try one or two applications to see how much of a hassle it might be.

  6. I would just wait. When things are more routine, you can start your cycle. I always end up running my cycles while I'm on night shift (6pm-6am). So, I just shower and apply before and after work. Sometimes things come up, but I find a way around them. Remember 12hr application (dermal) is not set in stone.....it could be 13,14hrs...just as long as it comes close.....in order to keep steady hormone levels in the blood.


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