reg gyno or prolaction gyno??

  1. reg gyno or prolaction gyno??

    ok so i just want to be crystal clear with this so there is no gray areas .... i'm on 500 mg/test E a week and also taking proviron 50 mg/day ...i was earlier in the cycle taking dbol and winny to jumpstart 3 weeks into the cycle after my chest workout yesterday my nipples puffed up to an abnormal size ...then i thought it may be gyno i squeezed the nipple ..and a very small (next to nothing) amounts of clear liquid came out..they are not sore or very tender only from pinching them... is this prolactin gyno or am i just getting paranoid ..i just started taking 20 mg nolva and B6 i know nolva wont do anything for prolactin but i just wanted to start it immediately in case it was possible signs of regular gyno ..better safe then sorry.. also have dostinex on the way ..just in case ...does this sounds like it could be regular gyno treatable by nolva ..or prolactin gyno ..or am i just losing my mind and should have nothing to worry about??

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  3. liquid from the nipples cant be a good sign. you were right for starting your anti gyno protocol. i'm not too sure whether its prolactin or estrogen controlled, and theres no real sure fire way to find out other than have a blood test. so i would just consider it a messy mix of both.

  4. i just dont know how it could be prolactin or maybe i was misinformed about some of the compounds i was taking ..i thought proviron was to act as an anti-E ...the only thought that would come to mind and im not even sure if it possible is that it could be progesterone related since i came off winny??? i dont even know if thats possible though? ...i know winstrol has anit-progesterone porperties but i did not think it was possible to cause prolactin gyno when coming off? ...any thoughts i definitely have gyno if there is liquid coming out ..i mean i am speaking of extremely minute amounts here drips the size of smaller then a needle point. and it seems to be decreasing from yesterday to today.

  5. Yeah man, **** started happening to me too last monday.. On 4.5mg of Methoxy-trn.. After I freaked out and had an anxiety attack I ordered caber. Took me 3 days to get it, so for the first three days I took high dose of b6, 40mg nolva and formestane. been on the caber since friday now and my left nipple is fine but my right still secretes little dots of clear liquid if I squeeze em. Thinking about taking a higher dose of cabergoline tonight to get this under control.



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