oral winstrol question???please help

  1. oral winstrol question???please help

    hey guys my friend has come in acsess with some oral winstrol and was wondering if taking it at 4mg a day would do anything because they came in 4mg tablets...any advice would be appreciated thanks!!

  2. 4mg winstrol tabs? never seen it dosed so low, ive seen 5mg... i think he has 5's ... effective dose is 30-50mg for most dosed for 4-6 weeks... winstrol is supressive and ****s up joints so dont forget pct or joint suport.

  3. alright thanks alot man..have you heard of anybody running it at 30mg every other day??

  4. i would use it every day to keep blood levels elevated. 30mg is mild dosing and should provide some decent gains with minimal sides. 50mg is normal dosing but for a first time 30mg is suitable.

  5. alright kool thanks..so do you know the different dosages that oral winstrol typically comes in?

  6. they come in all sizes...

    25mg should be the lowest dose for a male, 50mg is the median.

  7. oral winstrol suppresive? I have not read about this. I knwo its strong and good for cutting/retaining mass.


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