1. Unhappy trenaplex--oops

    TrenaPLEX Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Capsule
    Servings Per Container: 90
    Amount Per Serving
    TrenaPLEX Anabolic Stack
    Estra-4, 9-diene-3, 17-dione 25mg
    6,7 dihydroxybergamottin (DHB) 150mg

    So... I know this is stupid as heck, but I didn't know what this was before I started it in november... and didn't know anything about PH's. Then I found out that this was a PH and discontinued use after taking only half the bottle and didn't always dose it full strength... Now I find out my BP is up, my liver enzymes are elevated, my cardiac enzymes are jacked up, and my HDL cholesterol is really low. Do you think taking Cycle Support by Anabolic innovations would be good, beneficial? I'm seeing the doctor again this Friday. I guess I'll just tell her about it, and hope that she doesn't go off on some stupid rant. I also do not drink or even take any acetaminophen.
    btw, I read the rules and hope I'm not doing anything wrong by posting--> only 18: a quote from the rules
    Anyone under the age of consent (21) should NOT ask for any info or post any info in regards to

    AAS sources
    cycle information
    post-cycle therapy

    I didn't ask about PCT or sources or cycle info... just wanted to get those problems better...
    i only wish i had found this site before, b/c I didn't know that a person could actually just legally order what are essentially steroids...

  2. yes cycle support would help, i would also recommend taking post cycle support because your hormones are probably slightly out of wack.

  3. dang, I was hoping to get away without PCS, but hey, it might help boost my gains, huh? lol
    Thanks for not flaming me either. Just glad I found this site so I wouldn't kill myself (literally) because of ignorance... my BP (140/72 average) is only borderline hypertension, and the lower number is still good, and my LDL's are ok too, so that should help. Nothing else came screwed up in the blood tests.
    I've learned a lot about PH's now, and already talked to one of my friends warning him about potential sides. Just wish supp companies would market the products a bit differently, but then again, people like me probably wouldn't listen until it was explained in full.
    Thanks again.

  4. np man just keep reading and next time around you will be much better off.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dafox View Post
    I'm seeing the doctor again this Friday. I guess I'll just tell her about it
    Something you may want to consider is what kind of disclosure agreement your doctor has with your insurance company. If you tell her that you've been taking steroids she might be obligated to tell your insurance company which will affect coverage for future health problems. It might be better to just plead ignorance, if you've already stopped taking it the treatment for your syptoms will be the same as if you just woke up one day and had them.

    for example i have a deviated septum and my [email protected] doctor felt like he needed to tell BCBS and now, god forbid, if i get a brain tumor or any sinus related issues they wont fix it, untill i get my deviated septum fixed.

  6. yea definitly make sure about that, my doc specialises in bodybuilders and athletes so i dont have this problem, but my old doctor told my bluecross blue sheild that i was a " steroid abuser" and they refused to pay for my blood tests anymore.

  7. and I have blue cross blue shield. I'm just gonna keep it to myself then. whew, thanks for the warning.
    I stopped it in November, and only used half the bottle. ya know... it could just be that my liver got jacked up by something else, although i've been taking only creatine mono, CEE and beta alanine...
    Don't you think that my liver would have recovered since november!? oh well, Anabolic innovations gets my purchase... I was looking at Cycle support, and even unsponsored blood work shows very promising results. I might get my blood tested again after a month of Cycle support... if my insurance company really covered it, then I could provide more blood work hopefully proving the product's efficiency.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  8. np man. insurance companies are not nice people and love to NOT pay for you

  9. Wait, nephilim, you have blue cross and they paid for your blood tests? That's what I have and I figured they wouldn't pay for my tests.

  10. its a medical procedure they are obligated to pay for some of it, as far as they know its to check for diseases and ****


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