T1 Final questions???

  1. T1 Final questions???

    i have 2 bottles of t1 final (old formula) at home and want to add a couple of grams of extra ph to boost it slightly. It already contain 5 grams of ph and im considering adding 2 extra grams of either 1Test or 2 grams of OH Test.

    can anybody let me know of any problems i may have in doing this? i have read that it can take some time to get the powder to mix into the bdc gel..... any tips? i also have a bottle of T Gel so any advise would be welcome!

    cheers guys!

  2. Adding an extra two grams will not be a problem...Be sure to add the powder slowly to the formula (use a funnel if available) and run bottle under fawcet of hot water for a minute or so, and shake well. The important thing to remember is to add it slowly and a little at a time. This procedure has worked for me several times.

    I will put some hot tap water in a coffee mug and put the bottle in it after I have added the powder and let it stand in the mug for a minute or so, if you have the right sized mug the water will cover the bottle up to the neck, this works pretty good.


  3. cheers neckcrank, thanks for the advise.

  4. I also have 2 bottles of T-1 Final (new formula) & was thinking about what to add. I have another 5 weeks until I start taking it. 2 bottles equals 240 ml with only 10 grams of PH. I considered dumping in some Nordiol or just more 1-test. Why is it dosed so low?

    Now with all the rage about OH test, I would like to add 2-2.5 grams of OH, but I'm sure if that's enough to get any effects. There isn't really any dosing info out there for OH test.

    Anybody know what the difference between adding 2g OH test vs 1-test would be? I know about the anti-e properties of the OH, but how anabolic is it...

  5. how about adding 19-nor or another ph to the lotion? how much? or would it be better to stick with bumping up the test?

  6. Originally posted by Homerjay
    how about adding 19-nor or another ph to the lotion? how much? or would it be better to stick with bumping up the test?
    That all depends on what kind of gains your looking for and what sides your willing to live with. 1-test will give you the greatest muscle and strength gains, but also the most side-effects.


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