Hey guys whats up

  1. Hey guys whats up

    Hey I am new to this site but not new to lifting...a little background on what I have done and what I am currently doing...I did a 4 week cycle of Havoc and now I am currently doing pulsed 8 week cycle of P-max and M-drol...4 weeks of both...I am done with the p-max portion which was 30mg everyday, 45mg ed, 60mg ed (for last 2 weeks) and pulsed the m-drol 20mg for a week and bumped 10mg a week thereafter but no more than 40mg...I just finished week 2 of this portion and I just noticed my nips are puffy and I am lactating when I squeeze them...I ordered nolva but was wondering if there are any other things I should get...I have devised that it is due to prolactin and the nolva doesnt really doesnt help that so WTF do I do? please any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys

  2. Do some research man. Make sure to get Nolvadex, not novadex. Nolvadex is a prescription medication, novadex is a gaspari product, not anything like the script. Research vitamin b6 and mucuna for prolactin. Also, if I were you, drop all hormonal products, no m-drol, no p-max, nothing. You'll just screw yourself up worse at this point. Drop it, and seriously research PCT on this forum. You might have done some serious damage my friend.

  3. i know its not nova i ordered i ordered nolva from c1r (not to mention sources or sites) and thank you for your quick reply but i dont think its to the point where its that bad i thank you for the info

  4. No man, trust me, if you're lactating, its to the point where you need to stop. I'm quite sure most anyone on this forum would quit if they had a serious gyno or prolactin problem to the point where they were lactating. I say play it safe man, but hey it's your endocrine system, I can't tell you what to do...

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