bdc/ legal gear

  1. bdc/ legal gear

    i was just curious when the bdc base gel is going to be offered for sale. i thought it was suppossed to be a couple of weeks ago. i want some already so i can customize my home blends

  2. You, me and a whole list of others... Let me check again with Chemo.


  3. you can just hear all the missed sells going by

  4. ahh a sale!!! Did I found out a day to late?

  5. I wrote BDC an e-mail weeks ago about their gel product and never received a response.........not about to get my business!

  6. Well if you had been around, you would have known that BDC the real big daddy chemo is off on assignment with the military. I know that things are not smooth but I also know that he is trying to get them that way..


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