Tren Xtreme or epistane

  1. Tren Xtreme or epistane

    want some feedbacks on which cycle yall prefer...Tren Xtreme or epistane

  2. only done epistane...awesome stuff..people have stacked these and run them solo..just google search. theres a product called SPAWN that already has these two in one dose.

  3. Stack that sht bro, that would be sick!!!! I'm running epi right now and the other day I was just saying to myself: D@mn Tren would be sick stacked with this!!!!!!! lol........Duw iet!!!

  4. so it would be safe to stack these two together??

  5. Uhh yea dude.......I wouldn't be thinkin about it myself, let alone EVER give someone else on here advise to do something that wasn't.

  6. sweet...thanks bro!

  7. No prob PM me if you got questions man!! Have you run a prosteroid before?

  8. yeah i ran dbol before but i want to do another cycle thats a little more safe on the body

  9. Then this would be perfect IMO. The epi is pretty mild but will ad size and cuts and the tren will harden you up like a rock with insane vascularity!!! As the poster above said there are a few products that contain both so I would look into that. How did you run the dbol?

  10. i ran it in a 4 week cycle. it gave some great gains but with some side effects that i didnt enjoy


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