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    I've had this on my HD for a long while, can't give credit because I forgot...if I remember right I got this on a "popular" site in England...I must've lost the hyperlink....forgive me.


    DNP, The Basics

    Ahh, 2,4-dinitrophenol. Seems like yet another amazing chemical has flown past the so-called professionals and scholars of the medical community and onto the more daring and usually more pragmatic physique-conscious atheletes. Actually, the medical community has probably deemed this chemical to "dangerous" for the American population and has abandoned yet another ultra-effective agent.
    I must admit, however, that to a certain extent they are right. Imagine if DNP were the talk of the town. The average fat lady would pick up the New York times best-seller after being introduced to it through numerous ads on T.V. and the radio. She would ignore the warnings in the text, and tune herself only to the amazing results that the people on TV had. "I losed 5 pounds in one month," would be replaced in the info-mercials with "I lost 30 pounds in two months and virtually no muscle was lost!" Big Bertha would breeze throught the book and now that she was "well-read", she would head on to the local healt store to pick up a bottle of DNP (but only after a quick stop at Dairy Queen for a banana split).
    She would start out at 400mg as the book would probably suggest, and then grow impatient. Despite the fat the she would be losing, she would think to herself, "Maybe If I took more I'd lose it faster!", and plop down 1000mg. She'd be losing some major weight now and then to speed things up even more, she'd go for1400mg, after all she needs to lose that pesky last 300 pounds for summer. Then Boom. She's on the ground dehydrated like a dead cactus.
    Maybe I'm exaggerating slightly, but the properties of this drug must not be taken lightly or the above could be a very real consequence. While the ingestion of DNP is self-limiting through its amazing ability to make you hotter than you've ever been and therefor unbearable past a certain point, there is still plenty of room for error. Be careful! With a little common sense, Dinitrophenol could be the chemical that you've been waiting for to finally lose those unwanted pounds. Wow, I am starting to sound like an info-mercial....I think I'll quite while I'm ahead!

    This, as always is the case with any drug, is the most difficult aspect of information to deal with. After discussion with a few experienced DNP users, the consensus rests at a conservative recommendation of 4mg/kg of bodyweight, or about 400mg a day. Other, equally experienced users claim that they seem to notice an accentuated benefit at dosages of 6mg/kg or about 600mg a day. While most people usually experiment at dosages within this range, your mileage may vary. To try an make this muddled picture a tad clearer, let it be said that while there have been a few that stand by sub-400mg dosages, there have been more that suggest plus-600mg dosages, especially now that Animal's recommendation of adding pyruvate & glycerine as a concurrent supplement has recieved positive reviews. What is agreed upon by all, however, is that despite what dosage is taken, splitting the amount into a morning and afternoon dose increases the DNP's effectiveness. This is because the peak effects of DNP last about 3-4 hours after ingestion. Dividing the dose allows for a more even and longer duration of it's thermogenic effects. I personally, had started out with a 600mg-a-day regimen and found that to be bearable. I would split the dose into300mg in the morning and another 300mg after work. My only disagreement with Animal's Pyruvate/Glycerine regimen, is that he tries to make the use of DNP even more efficient by timing doses according to DNP 36 hour half-life (for more detail see his post, elsewhere on this site). While it makes sense theoretically, I've noticed that the DNP isn't quite as effective as with daily divided-dose regimen. Again, your mileage may vary, and his post is well worth a read.

    Now comes the fun part. Describe the utter hell that DNP puts you through. While DNP is quite magical in it's effectiveness at lipolysis, it's ability to make you miserable seems to be also from beyond science.
    After the initial ingestion of DNP, you musn't expect to feel to much, other than a slight warming inside of you. DNP takes a day or two to make itself truly known. I look back at the first day I had taken DNP, and remember wishing for some sign that the DNP I had gotten was real and working - oh, I curse that day of stupidity. Now, mere traces of it are enough to enact physiolgical changes in me. While purely conjecture, it seems as if DNP exhibits a reverse tolerance not unlike that of marijuana. At first it takes a bit to come one, but now, 200mg will have me drenched in sweat in no time flat.
    On the second day, you'll start to notice that your breathing will become shallow - on my last cycle, my parents were ready to send me to the hospital because I was panting while watching T.V.! You will also begin to see its interference with your normal engergy levels. Things will start to take a little more effort. Oh, the fun is just beginning.....
    After three to four days, you'll start to question whether losing weight is really worth it. You'll be exhausted climbing the stairs. You'll be sweating constantly and exhausted as well. Sleeping will be very hard, not because of any stimulant-like effects, but more because you are too miserable to sleep.
    On your first cycle, you may not find the sleep disturbances, or the hunger pangs associated with DNP. I didn't and I wondered why. After the thrid or fourth week-long cycle, I found myself trying to eat every carbohydrate in sight, and had such a horrible time sleeping. I had nightmares from the misery of it all.
    After a week, just stop. It's too much now for you or any sane person to handle. Your T3 is probably quite low now, and you need a week to recover. Although others, cycle Clenbuterol, T3, and DNP weekly, that's insane to me. I need some bloody rest after a week of DNP, and I'm sure you will too. Unless you are dieting for some contest you really don't need to wrack your body with all these thermogenic aids. The DNP is very effective....
    You might notice that you are a little bigger on DNP than when you started. Don't panic, it's just water. My favorite part of DNP, is the few days after coming off, and pissing out all the water, and seeing the physical enhancement. Amazing.

    The topic of this months newsletter is none other than DNP (2,4 dinitrophenol). DNP is the newest "star" in the world of fat burning drugs and various thermogenic compounds among elite bodybuilders and athletes. DNP is the Viagra of fat burning agents…it will make you lean and hard all over instead of just one place… if you know what I mean! I am going over all of this information one last time for those of you who are not part of "the inner circle" when it comes to training and supplementation. I think that the recent article in IRONMAN magazine (July 1998) written by Jerry "Brainless" Brainum has served to once again ignite the whole DNP controversy once again. Mr. Brainum has obviously never tried DNP before and his whole entire article on the subject is mostly the same bits and pieces of info that you have seen about this miracle fat burner over the last year or two. IRONMAN ran an article with the "Guru"" himself Dan Duchaine a few months back that also talked a little bit about DNP and was a hell of a lot more realistic than this recent crap regurgitated by "Brainless" Brainum. If you have access to some of Duchaine’s DIRTY DIETING newsletters that covered the topic of DNP they are well worth taking the time to read. As far as DNP being dangerous goes it is...but then again so is every drug. Even your OTC medication could kill you if you overdosed on it. The point that I am trying to make here is that DNP is safe and highly effective if taken in the correct dose range (more on that later) and used with a little bit of damn common sense. The thousands of Phen-Fen related heart problem cases this year alone far outweigh all of the reported medical problems with DNP ever.
    I am going to save you the history lesson on DNP for now and just get down to the bare skin and bones about this stuff. Nothing and I do mean nothing including Clenbuterol (Good), Cytomel (Better), the ECA stack (Worth trying especially with Yohimbe), and even Winstrol-V (Still questionable in my book in regards to true bodyfat loss) is as effective as DNP for fat loss. NOTHING! Physiques can be transformed within weeks with this chemical. The rumors that you hear about people losing up to a pound of fat per day with DNP may be true but I do believe that they may be exaggerated just a little...what I do believe is that a person could lose 2-5 pounds of bodyfat a week with minimal effort through the use of DNP training no dieting...if you combine DNP usage with proper training and diet the results can be amazing.
    Enough preaching about this is the goods on DNP administration and usage. The safe and sane dosage for DNP is between 3 to 5 mg of DNP per KILOGRAM of bodyweight. Lets get this part right because I never said that this stuff wasn't dangerous...if you overdose on DNP you could find yourself pushing up daisies somewhere... so pay attention! Like I said the dosage is between 3 to 5 MILLIGRAMS per KILOGRAM of bodyweight. Which works out something like this...
    A 220-POUND athlete weighs exactly 100 KILOGRAMS
    A little simple math will tell you that at 3 to 5 mg per kilo of bodyweight this athlete’s dosage of DNP should be 300 to 500 MILLIGRAMS a day
    That is really not a whole lot but that is all that it takes and in this case more is not better!
    Okay.... Now that we figured out how much DNP you should use the problem now is administration...
    To use DNP effectively you need a scale capable of weighing small amounts (under a gram) and the most common place to find one of these is your local smoke shop. Now that you have yourself a scale, your DNP supply, and your bodyweight measured by an accurate scale and have done your mathematical computations to get the correct dosage you are almost ready to begin.
    But FIRST!!!!! DNP is a will stain everything it comes in contact with bright yellow so it must be handled with caution to avoid making a mess...also since it is easily absorbed through the skin and mucous membranes I don't recommend playing with the stuff or inhaling it just to see what it smells like.
    CANDY TIME! This will most likely be the only time that I actually recommend that you eat candy during this newsletter but the simplest way to take DNP is to...
    Take one STARBURST candy and place it in the microwave for 5 seconds...just long enough to make it soft. Spread the candy flat with your fingers and then place your pre-measured dosage of DNP in the center, roll it up into a ball, and down the hatch. Did I mention that this ball is about the size of a marble? It may take some practice but if you "flatten" it out some in the back of your mouth before you try to swallow it you won't choke on it.
    DNP is somewhat water-soluble and yes it could possibly be taken orally mixed in a liquid. Will it stain your tongue yellow? Probably so but due the unique structure of the mouth it will not stain permanently…apparently oils secreted by the mucous membranes prevent this from happening.

    You are probably thinking "damn this is great...I'm gonna be ripped in no time" which may be true but there are a few more things that we need to go over here.
    DNP will most likely make you miserable.... You will be hot ALL of the time, you WILL sweat like a pig, you WILL more than likely lose a little bit of sleep over this as well. When I first started DNP supplementation I was taking it before bed and there was many a night that I woke up after rolling into a giant wet spot of my own sweat. I switched to take my dose in the morning and this seemed to help a little bit but not much. If you sweat this much you need to be sure to take in enough water...YOU MUST YOU MUST YOU MUST...dehydration is a major issue with the use of this substance especially during the hot summer months. You will also need to eliminate/watch your intake of other supplements such as ephedrine and caffeine.... Or any other stimulant for that matter. DNP is a bitch to use during the summer heat but it is the most effective and cost efficient way to go.
    The theory behind cycle lengths and DNP vary greatly but the length of your cycle will most likely be dictated by your finances and access to other thermogenic drugs. If you have the money and the access to things such as Clenbuterol and Cytomel you may want to consider cycling the three of them in a rotation where you use each one individually and then rotate to the next. FYI...I would most likely start the cycle with the Cynomel but then again this isn't a newsletter on Cynomel and so that drug will just have to wait its turn.

    I know a few people personally who have used DNP and the feedback has all been positive without the exception of the excessive sweating. 50 percent of the people that I know who have used DNP stopped taking due to the fact that the "hot" feeling and profuse sweating that you experience was just too much. One sometimes had to work outdoors moving furniture in the summer heat and just gave up until winter and another just couldn’t put up with having to sit and sweat all day long while wearing a suit and tie.
    I have used up to 800 mg a day for 3 days in a row (at a bodyweight of close to 230) and suffered no ill effects except that I was hot, miserable, and somewhat tired most of the time due to the large amount of calories being used up night and day in the fat burning process. The body heat is somewhat dose related and at the 3 milligram per kilo of bodyweight dosage it is almost tolerable but I still keep a large fan aimed on me at all times when I am at work and I keep my A/C on "Eskimo" setting at home to help beat the "heat". Now of course this whole entire problem is compounded by the fact that I live in a state where you can have 95-degree temperatures and 95% humidity on any given day. My advice…buy yourself a fan for your office (your co-workers will kill you for trying to turn them into icepops), stock up on plenty of anti-perspirant, and get yourself a full-length mirror so you can check out your hot new physique. Is all of this discomfort worthwhile?
    Let me hear ya say "Hell Yea"!

    NOTES: DNP- 2,4 Dinitrophenol
    Although DNP is in the class of chemicals known as PHENOLS unlike most phenols it is NOT carcinogenic.
    Injectable doses of DNP can raise metabolism as much as 30 percent within one minute. (Note: Highly not recommended!)
    Anti-Oxidants (especially Vitamins A and E) should be used with DNP to help the oxidative effect upon cells by this drug.
    Diuretics and Metabolic Enhancers/Stimulants should be avoided when using DNP
    Although the safe and tolerable dosage for DNP is between 3 to 5 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight a dose of 15 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight will result in an overdose and most likely death. DNP should not be taken without being precisely measured beforehand.
    DNP supplementation can raise metabolism anywhere from 15 to 30 percent with the chemical remaining active in the body for up to 36 hours.
    In 1933 an article on DNP as a fat loss agent was printed in the JOURNAL OF AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION citing research studies showing that test subjects had loss up to 20 pounds of bodyfat within a 10 week period WITHOUT any change in caloric intake or composition.
    DNP also has the honor of being the first weight loss drug ever offered to the American public.


    Excessive perspiration


    Increased breathing rate

    Increased pulse rate

    Increased blood pressure

    Increased metabolic rate



    DNP can be fatal if overdosed upon (there is no known antidote for DNP overdose to my knowledge)
    DNP could cause cataracts if used long term without anti-oxidants like Vitamin C (only known to have occurred in women)

  2. This is one of the better DNP articles Ive ever read, and I asked Jackyl to come over and post it. Much appreciation goes to him for doing so, and karma for you.

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