pulsing m drol

  1. pulsing m drol

    can u pulse m drol ???????? i can't find a SERM anywhere and my doctor wont' give me one. this way i can reduce needing a PCT and use other products for PCT. this way the supps i get for a PCT can be anti estrogen but dont have to be a SERM. i don't know if you can do this cause it's methylated.

  2. yes you can pulse.


    if you cant get a serm, don't do mdrol.

  3. It would be nice if you could get a SERM but on a pulse you can probally get buy with Post Cycle Support and a cortisol product best of luck
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  4. Several people have ran an m-drol pulse without a serm on here -- search around for the different logs -- I know UNCfan or something like that did one as well..

  5. Several people have ran superdrol straight without a serm and been fine(including me)Others have ran superdrol with a serm during pct and still got gyno afterwards.You should always atleast have one on hand,just saying.

  6. there's tons of logs on pulsing superdrol/m-drol...do more research before you make the dive.

    what's your cycle experience?

    how are you planning on pulsing it?

    what are your support supps?

    what are you planning for PCT?


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