First cycle, don't have test-e.. should I skip?

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    First cycle, don't have test-e.. should I skip?

    Hey guys.

    Simple question here.. I've been lifting for a long while and even though I haven't plateau'd very much, I'm thinking about turning it up a notch.

    The problem is, my local source can only get test-cyp or test-menanthate.. I'd much prefer to start on Test-E.

    Now I don't have a problem pinning as I've done multiple peptide cycles before, but I'm curious if i should hold out and follow the common advice of starting with test-e.

    So what are you opinions, should i try a cycle of cyp or menan, or should I wait?

    If I did go with one of these, am I looking to bloat as much as I would on test-e without an AI?

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

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    Cyp and Enanthate are really close! Cyp is more than good enough, some even like it better!
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    cyp is an a-ok sub for enan, the difference is one carbon i think.

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