Gettin' Everything Back In Check

  1. Gettin' Everything Back In Check

    I finshed up a PH cycle 'bout 2 weeks ago. And I have been takin 6-OXO to get everything back into 'place' but I seem to still have a lose of libido. Like after the gym, I am not even horny like I was before I started the cycle. How long would it take to recover, or anything to speed up the process?

  2. ZMA wouldn't hurt. I use it post cycle along with Nolva and usually get my nuts goin in about 2 weeks.

  3. 1. how long was your cycle?

    2. Have your ever done PH's before and if so how long did it take to recover last time?

  4. 1) My cycle was 8 weeks with Super One+ and Boldione

    2) Never did a cycle before

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