safe to stack epi with a fat burner

  1. safe to stack epi with a fat burner

    is it safe to stack epistane with a fat burner?

  2. go get ur BP checked every few days while your on and you should be ok. PCT is mild with epi so dont forget that, but as long as your BP stays healthy and your heart doest start to palpeltate ur ok. clen gave me heart problems to i had to switch to albuterol. if your going to use clen get an OK from your Doc first.

  3. nephilim, how did you like albuterol compared to clen?

  4. MUCH better. no jitters, no crazy BP, no heart palps. SLIGHTLY less results but diet is main determining factor for my contest prep anyway. the effects dont last as long but it is a cleaner stim with way less sides. also noticed much better muscle retention with albuterol and more vascularity.

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