anyone heard of this stuff?

  1. Question anyone heard of this stuff?

    ARA) - Every week the media comes out with a new story of another amateur or professional athlete using steroids. For athletes and health fanatics it seems they are willing to do whatever they believe is necessary to get results, and ignore the risk involved in using illegal substances.

    According to studies and research, using anabolic steroids merely inflates your muscles (hence the term "juiced") and does not provide permanent results. There are also several harmful side effects of steroid use, like diabetes, rage, aggression, uncontrollable mood-swings and significant changes to body systems that are not natural to the user's gender.

    Several years ago, a widely respected and still used natural supplement Endothil CR entered the market. Dr. David Summers, the creator of Endothil CR, says that body builders and athletes are using this product instead of steroids to build and sustain strength and muscle mass.

    Summers further stated, "I have spent the last two years on my newest formulation and next generation natural fitness supplement for men and women called Stemulite. It is a stronger formulation than Endothil and now has seven key all-natural ingredients of very effective and targeted natural proteins, enzymes and amino acids, including a stem cell agonist and a trace mineral called indium."

    Stemulite, the core muscle building ingredient, is a natural dietary adult stem cell agonist. When working out and pushing our bodies, our muscles and ligaments suffer tiny micro tears, creating the soreness from exercise. Stemulite quickly goes to work recruiting the sleeping adult stem cells in our bodies and starts building new muscle. Keep in mind this is new muscle, not the temporary enlarged effect that anabolic steroids create.

    "Stemulite is the most powerful supplement I have ever put into my body, period," says Corey Simpson, a former Mr. Florida and now active fitness professional. "In the first couple of weeks of using Stemulite, I increased the weight I was lifting by 30 percent and I doubled the amount of repetitions in my workout. It was a little hard to believe. In weeks, my muscle definition changed and I dropped excess water weight. In addition, Stemulite has also given me a great and deeper sleep, which is so important for recuperation. I just feel better than ever and have so much more endurance and energy."

    Summers asked Corey and Paul Simpson of Tampa, Fla., both professional athletes and trainers that currently work with professional NFL, MLB and professional boxers, to participate in and monitor the initial Stemulite trials. They worked with and monitored more than 20 athletes over a one-month period, changing nothing in their routine, but adding Stemulite to their daily diet. As the results came back, it was clear that by adding Stemulite to their regimen there were consistent and congruent results, including:

    * Dramatic increase in strength and improved endurance
    * Dramatically reduces recovery time to hours not days
    * More repetitions and improved muscle definition
    * A decrease in body mass index (BMI) and greater muscle tone
    * Higher sustained energy and more consistent energy throughout the day
    * Improved rest and sleep -- the most common benefit

    Want to learn more about Stemulite and how it can work for you? Log on to Powered by Stemulite | Stemulite for Men | Stemulite for Women to request your FREE copy of "The 7 Powerful Components Of Stemulite" consumer report. You must have a valid e-mail to receive this report.

  2. It's from an article in Times.

  3. haha i saw this on youtube last night. pretty funny stuff.. the add is sooo cheesy! the so called fitness Corey Simpson, a former Mr. Florida isn't even buff. solid, sure... BB standard no way! Mind you i probably would have bought this a few years ago... with promises like that. Nowadays I'm not so trusting of supplement companies!

    anyway they have thier facts about hypertrophy wrong there. I was under the impression you only have a certain amount of muscle fibers, when the fibers hypertrophy they just get big and juicy.... hence stronger and bigger. And only when your getting huge do you produce some new fibers...

  4. dont trust ads till you read the ingrediants.

  5. Yeah but this stuff uses stem cells!! haha kinda reminds me of that south park episode, where Christopher rees or whatever eats stem cells from aborted babies and gets all super human strong.... sick stuff :P

  6. it really pissed me off when the guy says it produces steroid like results but all natural.....he should work for muscletech


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