1. Sdi-labs

    Does anyone know anything about SDI-LABS? Are their products any good?

  2. Man, their products are straight off the hizzy yo!.
    I stac em wit dat der cell tech n dat der nitro tech- its da bomb diggity!

  3. I don't even no what that means.

  4. Thanks for your help t-bag

  5. T-Bone pretty much summed it up. Unless you wanna pay $89 for some herbs & DHEA.

  6. They name their product similarly to real thing, but there are no products made by them that are worth taking, NONE!!! Its not that easy to get real gear.

  7. Thanks for clearing that up. I got hosed!!!

  8. Since I already bought it, should I use it? Or is the risk not worth it.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by griller88 View Post
    Since I already bought it, should I use it? Or is the risk not worth it.

    Get your money back griller. As long as you didn't open anything you should be able to get your money back. I cut and paste their refund policy,


    You must return products within 90 days from the date of purchase to be eligible for ANY of the following refunds. Products returned beyond this 90 day limit from the date of purchase WILL NOT be refunded.

    One Bottle (Any product)

    - May try no more than 1/2 full bottle and return remaining portion.


    Buy 3 Get 1 Free ( Any product )

    - May try no more than one full bottle and return 3 unopened bottles.


    Ultimate Stack 2 / Combo Cycle / Alt. Split

    -User may try no more than half of the entire contents and return remaining portion.


    Blast Cycle / Combo Cutting Cycle / Blitz Cycle / Combo Blitz Cycle / Deca Stack/ 8 Week Blitz Cycle / 10 Week Precision Form Mini Cycle/ 14 Intrinsic Form Mass Cycle / 14 Week Precision Form Peaking Cycle

    -Will be refunded on unopened returned bottles only.

  10. Thanks T-Bone, I appreciate that. I guess I'll stick to the natural stuff for awhile.


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