1. Questions?

    How do you mix bulk powders and PH-Gel? Also, will T1-pro causes fat gain?

  2. Mixing androgen into an alchohol based gel is pretty simple. Mix in the powder ph into the bottle and shake until no precipitation is visible. You will probably have to heat the bottle in boiling water, shake and repeat several times to get a evenly distributed concentration in your mix.
    The 1-test hormone that's dominant in the T-1pro is a great ph for a lean mass cycle however, as with any supplemental use, fat gains and quality gains will eventually come down to how clean your diet is. The 4ad in the mix wont do you too much harm.....really there to combat the 1-test lethargy and sides.

  3. Thanks,

    I was concerned about the 4ad. I was planning on stacking 1 test with 1,4 adro (10grams T-1 and 10 grams 1,4 adro) to help with cutting, because I am always trying to get ride of body fat. But the T-1pro may just as good what do you think?

  4. You may want ot add some 4-ad into that stack. 1-test by itself can cause some pretty bad lethargy .. TTY
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