superOne+ with molecular nutrition

  1. Lightbulb superOne+ with molecular nutrition

    I have been taking molecular nutrition 1-test and 4ad for about 3 weeks now. i still have 3 weeks to go on what i have planned. I have been taking 100mg per day of 1-test and 125mg per day of 4ad. I just ordered some superOne+ to add to my cycle i plan to do 12 squirts a day that would be 300mg per day of 1-test and 475 mg per day of 4ad. I was just wanting to get some feedback and if anybody has done a transdermal and oral at the same time and if this is even safe. I have seen decent gains so far but i am looking fo rsome impressive stuff.

    i am 6'5 280lbs and 23 yrs old

    thanks everybody for your info

  2. Look into the cycle info board. Theres lots of feedback there.

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