Steroid list that can be used as a Trans

  1. Steroid list that can be used as a Trans

    Well since this site is based on transdermals I was wondering if we could make a list of AAS that can be used as a trans successfully (yeah yeah we all kowing stickin is better) but for some its not an option because of family, job, etc....

    Obviously we know Fina works well but what options are we missing out on?

    This list can also include things as T3, Clen, etc.....I've seen some theories on trans use for them as well.

  2. There's always the Test from Syno in a dermal. Wardog swears by it! I'm going to give it a go as soon as I can.

  3. I am extremely interested in this, hope to hear from the vets here on it, thanks Bobo, good idea!

  4. Yeah but what does he convert it into? Does he use the Test Prop or does he use something else. I'm just trying to see what all the options are and what types of Test or other AAS that can be successfully used with a trans. Chemistry is not my thing. I stick to nutrition.

  5. Bump for a response from Wardog.

  6. Yeah, where is that bum.

  7. Test base, boldenolone base, nandrolone base don't have esters so they should work in a transdermal, I would think most orals would work as well. Just need to find them in powder. One would think using orals transdermally would lessen the stress on the liver.

  8. To convert synovex you need to remove the estrogen and the prop. This leaves you with test no ester (TNE)

    Fina is the only aas I would say you could leasve the ester on, because it is such a short chain one (acetate) Other than that I am not sure how well a 17-AA steroid would work...someone more knowledgable than I would have to answer that

  9. Thanks wardog i was just gonna ask someone about what could be the problems of leaving the ester on the fina.

    Can we assume that if we put on 133 mg transdermallly and assuming 40 percent absorption with bdc's dsmo ph gel can we assume about 50 mg are being absorbed, or is less being absorbed due to the ester even though its short?

  10. For fina, I calculate a 30% absorption with the acetate. Therefore I would apply close to 200mg/day for a good effective dosage.

  11. Well it will be myfirst timein a few weeks so 160-175 would be the most i would want to start off with which would be around 50 mg assuming 30 percent with the dmso bdc ph gel mixture but with slightly lower absorption due to eter left a lone.

    How much did you use a day when you were using the cheaper versions of transdermals( the ones without any dmso) for your FIRST TIME!

  12. Sorry to burst your bubble bro, but tren is best used 75/mg a day..plain and simple, newbie or not. My very first time I used androsol and added IPM and I applied 350 mg/day of tren because I figured a 20% absorption at that time.

    I have tried tren at lower dosages , and the results just are not the same. Strap a set on and run it 75/mg a day.

  13. Interested in this topic as well. Could it be possible to introduce products that are delivered as well into the body as IM injection? Only a thought in my opinion. Yes I would like to see what could be made from IM or base powders into transdermal products.


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