T1 Final with UCP-1?

  1. T1 Final with UCP-1?

    I am entering a cutting cycle and I am doing the UCP-1 for sure. I have done this product with agreeable results. I am really concerned about preventing the catabolic state that is obviously incorporated with the cutting phase. Thats why I'm asking if T1 Final would be a good thing to counteract catabolism. At 205 pounds I plan on putting down about 2000 kCals per day and doing a high rep, intensity regimin.

    Thanks Bros!

  2. Okay, anyone have experience doing this? Particularily in a cutting cycle? Should I post somewhere else.


  3. I plan on doing something similar with LGP's OHtest in october, using it to support a clen/t3 based cut.

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  4. The increase in carbs that the UCP works so well with, should help avoid being overly catabolic. Your protein should be high regardless

  5. Yeah, I plan on doing a 40-30-30, balanced approach. I bought a bottle of Tight today. Wow, I am surprised how much I can feel it!



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