help with filters

  1. help with filters

    well i can order some syringe filters from my employer. problem is there is several to order from. I know that normally we would use PVDF filters but the only ones i can get are nonsterile. Is there one of the below i can use to substatue. I can get these at pretty good prices.

    PTFE for aggressive organic solvents
    RC (regenerated cellulose) for dmso compatibility
    PES (polyethersulfone) for high throughput and flow rate
    SFCA(surfactant-free cellulose acetate) for low protein binding
    cellulose acetate membrane ?
    HT Tuffryn polysulfone ?
    Supor membrane which is a inherently hydophilic polyethersulfone
    versapor which is a acylic copolymer membraine
    PVDF can only get this in nonsterile packageing

    all these choices and i'm no expert. can get pretty good prices but have to order in lots of 50. so i don't want to screw up and order wrong one.

  2. I use PVDF filters, and the nonsterile packaging is not a problem.


  3. No biggie if not sterile, go with the pvdf ones.

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