nolvadex year round

  1. nolvadex year round

    my friend runs his cycles for lengths of four weeks.during his cycle he runs nolvadex at 10mg/day to eliminate any estrogenic sides. he wil not stop this practice, he views not using nolv. while on like having casual sex without a condom, its not safe to do without. he then does three weeks of post cycle therapy like this:
    week 1: 40mg/day
    week 2: 20mg/day
    week 3: 10mg/day
    he then takes one more week off, because time off should=time on and starts his cycle again with the nolvadex.
    my question is essentially he is NOT taking nolvadex for 6 weeks out of the year. is it healthy or safe to be on nolvadex 46 weeks a year?

  2. vaild question, dont know the answer but want to k now


  3. His cholesterol and lipid profiles are probably horrible. Tamoxifen has a negative impact on cholesterol and lipid profiles over long peroids of use.
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  4. i was under the impression the nolvadex improves the lipid profile, the only that anti-e that has that affect. it is liquidex and some others that have a deleterious affect on the lipid profile

  5. Yeah I too thought nolvadex had a positive effect on lipid profiles and that arimidex and femara had a negative effect.

  6. Good it really worth it? How much progress has he made in the last year? Two years?

  7. Effects of anastrozole on lipid metabolism compared with tamoxifen in rats.

    Hozumi Y, Hakamata Y, Sasanuma H, Ogura S, Nagai H.

    Department of Surgery, Jichi Medical School, Tochigi, Japan. [email protected]

    BACKGROUND: Anastrozole, a new aromatase inhibitor, has been used to treat postmenopausal metastatic breast cancer, and several clinical trials of adjuvant treatment using this agent are ongoing. However, the effects of anastrozole on lipid metabolism are unknown. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of anastrozole on lipid metabolism, especially lipoprotein lipase (LPL) activity, compared with tamoxifen in rats. METHODS: Ovariectomized female rats were divided into six groups: C, controls; T, tamoxifen treatment; A, anastrozole treatment; CAT, combined anastrozole/tamoxifen treatment; NAT, no treatment after tamoxifen; and AAT, anastrozole treatment after tamoxifen. The agents were orally administered for 3 weeks. Serum total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LPL activity in postheparin plasma were measured at the end of the experiment. RESULTS: Serum cholesterol levels were significantly lower in the T and CAT groups than in controls (P < 0.001). Serum triglyceride levels were significantly higher in the T group than in the other groups (P < 0.001). LPL activity was significantly lower in T and AAT groups (P < 0.01). There was no significant difference in any parameters in group A. CONCLUSIONS: Anastrozole does not affect lipid metabolism including LPL activity. There was little effect on lipid profiles during combination treatment or following treatment with tamoxifen. In a clinical setting, therefore, anastrozole might be safe for patients with abnormal triglyceride profiles during tamoxifen treatment.

    Long-term toxicities of selective estrogen-receptor modulators and antiaromatase agents.

    Mortimer JE, Urban JH.

    Eastern Virginia Medical School, Sentara Cancer Institute Norfolk, Virginia, USA. [email protected]

    Published literature indicates that the selective estrogen-receptor modulators (SERMs) tamoxifen and raloxifene (Evista) have favorable effects on bone density, lipid profiles, and the incidence of second breast cancers, and unfavorable effects on the incidence of venous thrombosis and hot flushes. Tamoxifen increases the risk of endometrial cancer, but raloxifene does not. The effects of SERMs on sexual function and cognition are unclear. Because the selective antiaromatase agents are relatively new, the long-term effects of these agents on normal tissues are less well established. It appears that the nonsteroidal agents (anastrozole [Arimidex], letrozole [Femara]) and steroidal (exemestane [Aromasin]) antiaromatase agents may have different effects on normal tissues. Preliminary data demonstrate that anastrozole increases the risk of arthralgias and produces a decrease in bone density. In contrast, exemestane appears to favorably affect bone density and lipid profile, similar to tamoxifen and raloxifene. The incidence of contralateral breast cancer is decreased in women on adjuvant anastrozole, but data for the other antiaromatase agents are not yet available. Hot flushes have been reported with the use of selective aromatase inhibitors, but their incidence seems to be comparable to what is reported with SERMs. Antiaromatase agents do not appear to cause venous thrombosis. More information about the effects of the antiaromatase agents on normal tissue will become available as data from ongoing adjuvant and chemoprevention trials are reported. Clinically, we should be conscious of the differences between antiaromatase agents and SERMs and their impact on women's health.

    I was wrong about the cholesterol. It was serum triglycerides that were higher. Its just not healthy to use an anti-E for any prolonged peroid of use because estrogen does so many important things in maintaining health. Homeostasis is always preferred for the majority of the time. His cholesterol and lipid profiles are probably bad just from the amount of cycle alone.

    Also remember the lipid profiles in most studies are for women, not men.
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