4-Hydroxynandrolone Decanoate

  1. 4-Hydroxynandrolone Decanoate

    Does anyone here have any info on this? i wonder how similar it is to real deca. any comments are welcome. i was wondering about IM use, not a dermal. thanks
    ps~ is this even a legal hormone?

  2. bump this up.... anyone have any experience with this??? even for a dermal version? thanks

  3. I'm looking into this as well. trying to get access to animals board, but i cant seem to get C2it to work!!!!

  4. You have to pay to enter, baby.

  5. ya just sent a blank money order by sloooow mail
    sux waiting for entry....

  6. Im researching into hydroxy nadrolone at this moment. I should have some answers for you in a few days. The only problem I see is the undecanoate ester may be too big to use in a transdermal so we may have to get some of the raw material. I have 10grams of 4-OHN that I got from a friend in the industry, in a homebrew right now that my bro is trying out for me. Orally, Im still trying to find out how the oil soluablity of this compund is. If it has a undecanoate ester and isnt very oil soluable then the ester isnt going to do anything for lymphatic absorb. Ill go look up some more info and Ill report back.

  7. I think this is sold as an injectable from the place I am aware... anybody care to chime in?

  8. Originally posted by JWest0926
    I think this is sold as an injectable from the place I am aware... anybody care to chime in?
    Yes, this is how i saw it.

  9. is this legal and considered a ph? or it is not? it sounds like a scam from
    oxabo Promatrix Biotechnologies ! but it might be ok

  10. there is info about it here :


    it converts to dht but not estrogen !

  11. another name for it is Oxabolone
    here in the big cat's article you can found many infos :


  12. thanks for the info sicosico


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