Methoxy TRN & Methoxy TST - Does this look ok?

  1. Methoxy TRN & Methoxy TST - Does this look ok?

    Sorry for the duplicate post, as I posted this in the Cycle Info forum but I didn't get much feedback.

    Here's what I am considering :

    Methoxy TRN - 3 mg ed (1.5mg x 2) for 4 weeks. (?)
    Methoxy TST - 12 mg 3 days a week on workout days (?)

    I was also contemplating some sort of bridge using either Epi or Phera, but I couldn't determine which would be best. My last cycle was in January and it was straight Epi at 30/30/40/40.

    I'm lookin at running Torem, DTH, lean xtr, and IGF-2, p5p etc. during PCT. Might throw in a AI following PCT but unsure. I'm 28 yrs old, 6'0'', 205 lbs, around 11% BF or so. Any additional input is appreciated.

  2. looks solid, use epi because i would assume with this stack that you want to get dry and hard as a rock for the ladies on the beach.

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