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    Before I order

    Ive always been one to check, double check, and triple check when it comes to things im not 100% sure about. Just want to make sure I have everything correct before I order and get started with me chemistry experiment.
    Weeks 1-10 200mg EQ 2x/week + 250mg Test En 2x/week
    Weeks 1-4 50mg Dbol ED (probably going to do less)
    Week 11 200mg Clomid ED 25mg Nolva ED
    Week 12-13/14 100mg Clomid ED 25mg Nolva ED
    (nolva on cycle if needed)

    I plan on odering the following for this cycle (except 3x as much powder for possible future use):
    5g Test Enanthate
    5g EQ
    1.5g Methandrosenolone
    4g Clomid
    3g Nolva
    50ml Oil - (rk)
    25ml BA (RK Magic Solution) (rk)
    2-50ml Sterile/Crimpted Vials (rk)
    3-50ml Uncrimped Vial (rk)
    2-Whatman Filters (gpz)
    4-23gx1.5" Needle (gpz)
    10-10cc Syringes (gpz)
    Escali 120g Scale
    50 22g x 1.5 (gpz)
    Alcohol Pads (gpz)
    Total cost = less than $140

    After reading and reading I think I have the instructions down and this is what I plan on doing, unless its wrong somehow: (TE [email protected]/ml)
    1-Label a 50ml Vial as Vial A
    2-Label a 50ml (crimped) Vial as Vial B
    3-Label a 50ml Vial as Vial C
    4-Put 50ml Oil into Vial A
    5-Put vial A with Oil into Oven @ 275
    6-Put 20ml alcohol into Vial C.
    Set Vial B next to vial C and mark the 20ml Level on each vial
    Empty Alcohol and put vial C in oven at 275
    7-Put 5g Powder and 1ml BA into Vial C. Heat, stir and mix
    8-Using a 10ml Syringe and needle obtain oil from bottle A and
    add to Vial C until you are a cm or so away from your line
    9-Place two 18g needles into the top of vial B
    10-Obtain solution from Vial C with a new 10ml Syringe
    11-Attach whatman filter to 10ml Syringe
    12-Slowly Push the solution through the filter into Vial B
    13-Draw up another 2ml or so oil and add to Vial B (through filter)
    Until you reach the 20ml mark you made earlier.

    EQ will be the same except using .75ml BA and making 25ml @ 200mg/ml

    Can the dbol, clomid, and nolva just be suspended in everclear at whatever long as its not too high?

    Does all this sound correct?
    Wish me luck, my order is being placed tommorrow or Friday...i cant wait!
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  2. Wow, that looks like an awesome first cycle! I might have to do the same one when I get ready. If you're gonna suspend the clomid/nolva in everclear get some empty gel caps, they're dirt cheap at any vitamin store and it's better than squirting everclear down your throat.

  3. I would second that on clomid/nolva.. or you can get some of the flavored types from B12.. it is good stuff..

  4. You guys are taking all the fun out of post cycle Your supposed be punished for taking a short cut to gaining muscle Later J

  5. nice detail to your plain sounds good ..the flavores are where it's at ...

  6. NE1
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    mmmmm, the time is getting very near, and I'm getting quite ancy down here...


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