Epi on a keto diet?

  1. Epi on a keto diet?

    good or no? cutting for summer.


  2. Epi on a keto cut has been great for me. I'm about 4 weeks in and been running furaz throughout and pulsing the epi on workout days. Tremendous strength from the epi really helps you through the workouts that are really tough when you are taking in less than 30 grams of carbs/day. One of the best recomps I've had.

  3. how many calories do u take in?

  4. Started weighing 188 with about 18% bf (long layoff from the gym due to work and a home renovation). So for 4 weeks I'm down 10 pounds but more importantly down about 4% in bodyfat and gained back alot of lost muscle. So I was initially taking in around 2300 calories when I started, now I'm usually taking in around 1900/day. I think the hardest part is trying to get enough good fat in throughout a very busy workday. And of course those first few weeks its really tough as your body adjusts to switching into ketosis.......after that though its a piece of cake and I don't have the crazy cravings anymore.

    My body responds rather quickly once everything is dialed in. I had never tried Epi before though and I really like the compound. No shutdown (although I pulse it) and dry lean gains.



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