7-keto DHEA

  1. 7-keto DHEA

    Sufficient for a cortisol blocker in PCT? What dosages should it be taken at for effectiveness?

  2. What is the PCT for? Are you thinking topical like PP Dermacrine or oral ?
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  3. I believe 50-150.I'm taking it during my m-drol cycle to control cortisol and lethargy.I'm using 50.but I will bump that up if needed.It will be ran through pct too.I'm also using phosatidyl serine for cortisol control too.

  4. Does anyone have a study on 7-keto DHEA?

  5. I want to use it oral in my Epistane PCT

  6. IMO, 7OH is much better. I like Lean Extreme....but it is no longer available. Anyone have a replacement for this?

  7. Running 7-keto, or 7-beta DHEA is not a good idea for PCT. Both studies that examine hormone production with these DHEA metabolites show a reduction in LH and testosterone production.

    Despite being “non anabolic or androgenic” they have quite and influence on the HPTA. Its better to save these hormones for ‘on’ cycle.

    Phosphatidylserine (PS) doesn’t negatively affect hormone production and is a much better choice for PCT.



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