Where to apply T-1 Pro?

  1. Where to apply T-1 Pro?

    Just got my bottle of T1-Pro, and want to know the most effective locations to apply it and how many times in a row I can apply it to one location.
    Also was told by the PN's rep. that I could maximize the absorbtion by wrapping the applied area with sarran wrap and then securing that with an ace bandage to hold it in place. He reccommended to do that for my evening application (for convenience purposes).
    Make sense?*?*


  2. Just apply to places where the skin is thinnest. A could way of checking if the skin is thin is if you can see veins. Popular places tend to be upper pecs, inside of biceps, traps, where the delts and pecs come together, calves, behind the knees, inner thighs, and of course, by far the best spot, the nuts (please do not put stuff anywhere near your genitals, its just a joke)

    I've never heard about plastic rap, but I'm no expert on transdermals...


  3. Bro, the best places to apply are your sides, the underside of your arms, the insides of your legs, back of knees, and tops of foot. I also apply on my chest, traps, and lats. Make sure there's no hair in the application areas. I would try and rotate between upper and lower body for morning and evening applications. If you can, try not to apply in the same areas for a day to minimize irritation.

    Saran wrap is supposed to really increase absorbtion, but i've never done it (too lazy).

    Good luck with your cycle.

  4. I'm goin with the 1 1/2 squirts two times a day cycle for 6weeks. I know I have seen a lot on cycle preferences, but this one seems right there in the middle (not too candy ass but yet not a ball buster) and also allows for a 6week cycle with one bottle (poor white trash, gotta make it last).
    Also I may have asked "sikdogg" this before, but I also want to take about 600mg of 1,4 andro with this cycle but haven't had much luck on locating very many manuf. of the ****. Maybe it's not worth it? Little help. I am also taking V12 and Glutamine with this T-1 Pro cycle.

    On a different note, I went to 2 different local "vitamine/nutritiional" shops this past weekend and I was told by two different places that the lipodermal app. is just effective if not more so than transdermal? I'm confused


  5. I think 1,4-andro would be a good addition.

    Here are some manufacturers for 1,4 andro (bottom of page): http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/14andro.html

  6. When using a transdermal, my favorite areas for application is as follows:
    traps, inner bis, lats, behind the knees, chest, top of feet, inner thighs, forearms.......

  7. Everyone says inner thigh, ive never used transdermals before but I am about to start soon.
    Problem is, my inner thigh seems pretty thick skinned while the outer thigh is very lean and thin, should I put it on the outer thigh instead?

  8. These are only suggestions, you can apply the dermal anywhere on your body that you think will give you the best results.


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