Havoc, M-Drol or H-Drol or PP

  1. Havoc, M-Drol or H-Drol or PP

    I have all four of these...

    I did a 5 week cycle of havoc about 9 months ago, had great gains but the hair loss was not worth it. I've tried Pheradrol before and it was descent.

    I'm looking for a stack to combine two of these together, for the best lean gains I can get with my main concerns being hair loss and gyno...

    for example
    week 1 Havoc 20mgs
    week 2 Havoc 30mgs + Hdrol 25mgs
    week 3 Hdrol 50mgs
    week 4 Hdrol 50mgs


    week 1 PP 30mgs
    week 2 PP 30mgs + Havoc 10mgs
    week 3 Havoc 20mgs
    week 4 Havoc 30mgs

    i'm not sure what the best route is...I would like to put on 10lbs of muslcle (like I did with my havoc cycle) but I don't want to suffer from the same hair loss as experienced I did (20, 30, 40, 40, 50) the first cycle...experienced hair loss in week 3 and got progressively worse, and has never regrown.

    (pct is already accounted for...it's extensive, so don't worry)

  2. I've seen people run Epi/H-Drol with great results. I'm actually thinking about running this one day.

  3. you should get good gains whatever you run...i thought the pp and havoc cycle looked good, pp is more of a wet gainer from what i know...which can aggrevate gyno, so by running the havoc at the end you might find that u cut the sides of the phera and still make good all round gains... just a theory...

  4. PP is worse on hair than havoc. so rule that out lol.

    i'd go with a main Hdrol cycle with a low dose SD or pulse.

  5. ahh tru hairloss is an issue.. that sucks...

  6. IMO i would not stack any 2 of them they are methyls if you want to stack i would go with h-drol and maybe a non-methyl like Furazadrol or Propadrol to be safe still excellent gains.

    I do not see a mention of support supps or pct what your plan look like? Best of luck bro
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  7. more info

    support supps and PCT are standard (torm, LX, Powerfull, Drive, cycle support, creatine mono) I'll address that in detail later...

    Personally the only cycle where I noticed intense hair loss was the end of my Havoc cycle, I've done PP before, and I don't recall any shedding, however that was like 1.5 years ago...

    and I'm not necessarily stacking 2 methyls, it's more of one then the other to minimize sides (in theory) with a week bridge in between at a LOW dose...In actuality do you think this WILL MINIMIZE SIDES??

    none the less, is the consensus that PP is harder on the hair line then Havoc (disregarding my personal experience considering the time frame) ? how about M-Drol? obviously H drol is the mildest of the bunch, and I figure if i'm gonna f' with my hormone levels I might as well make some good gains (considering i have proper PCT as well)


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