19 nor

  1. 19 nor

    Guys I just got off my 500mg icn cycle. My hair got an ass kicking. It thinned out so bad. I'm not going to touch the gear for a while. I was thinking of putting 15grams of 19nor in the t-gel. Will this be a pretty safe cycle hair wise? I don't really care about the "deca dick" I don't have a girfriend so it won't really matter.

  2. Will the hair you lost grow back or is it gone for good

  3. i think the hair loss due from androgens
    is permenent.

  4. Nordiol is by far the easiest on your hairline. I know you're not worried about losing libido but there are other side effects such as lethargy, if this becomes a problem or just for an extra kick i'd add some 4-ad. Maybe 3/1 or 4/1 ratio, this little bit should help keep some of the sides away while keeping the risk low.

    Also have you considered shampoos and such to use while on cycle? If you need more info on this or your cycle, feel free to ask.

  5. I know it's to late but Finasteride during cycle is smart.



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