1-AD / 4-AD / MOHN cycle (cleaning the closet)

  1. 1-AD / 4-AD / MOHN cycle (cleaning the closet)

    I haven't posted here in many years. Was cleaning up for a move and came across the old (OLD) stash. Thought I would do a greatest hits (bridges to babylon) style reunion tour instead of tossing the stuff. For the past couple years I have relied solely on superdrol (& clones), and superdrol + havoc. It has been 2 months since my last cycle. Proper PCT and on-cycle therapy will be performed, as always, so I don't want to see any replies about milk thistle, nolva, 6-oxo, etc. I remember really liking 1-AD, it was my first two cycles. I haven't taken it since it came out (01-02?). I am not sure if I will still respond to it. I don't have enough 4-ad sadly, plenty of 1-ad and MOHN.

    I am 210 and ~12-13% BF. Hoping for a slight recomp. Diet is very clean. A little worried about bloat from the 4-ad but what can you do? Hoping the others will keep it down.

    Cycle will run five weeks.

    Weeks 1-2
    400mg 4-AD (1,1,2 dosing)
    600mg 1-AD (2,2,2 dosing)
    32mg mohn (split into 3 doses)

    Weeks 3-5
    500mg 4-AD (1,2,2 dosing)
    900mg 1-AD (3,3,3 dosing)
    32mg mohn (split into 3 doses)


    Tempted to bump the MOHN to 40/ed.

  2. p.s. if I am way off base let me know, I am pulling some of these numbers out of my (very) dusty memory. Shouts out to Cardinal & Dr. D if they are still around. Somewhat thinking I should trash this stuff and just run superdrol / epi again instead.

  3. Nice to see you again, dude!

    Q: are you running the 4-AD oral or transdermal?
    If you do your MOHN suspension 15mg/ml, it makes for an easy ramp - just go from 1x to 3x & you're done.

    A fair number o' bros are using formestane transdermally, Neoborn has a great thread here:

    Might help w/ bloat & other wetness.

    You're going to log this, right? Welcome back!

  4. I think mixing the 4ad with MOHN may be a presciption for Gyno. I would take out the 4ad, reduce the dosage of the 1AD and run it longer along with the MOHN. Really not sure about adding 4ad to reduce the sides because of the gyno issue. Bottom line, run the MOHN and 1AD for at least 8 weeks. Look more into the gyno issue though as far as mixing the 4ad in there with the MOHN.

  5. I've done some searching, where are the specific gyno issues in the 4AD / MOHN coming from? Was planning on running the 4-AD oral, I did the transdermal a few years ago and just didn't like it, I'd rather pin test.

    Thinking about just switching to Superdrol / epistane at the end of one week out of expectation of better results.

  6. Heres one thread. There is a risk of prolactin induced GYNO with MOHN. There is also a big gyno risk using 4ad because of the excess estrogen conversion. Combine the two and Presto!!!>Instant man boobies!

    M4OHN and gyno?

    Heres another one, this one says it may be from progesterone(sp.?),

    MOHN Gyno???

    Then again I pretty sure estrogen has to be high to have progesterone induced gyno, so if you did include the 4ad that would be the part of you stack that increased estrogen enough to cause the gyno.

  7. excerpted from one of the threads T-Bone linked:
    Quote Originally Posted by bodywizard
    gyno is a *possibility* anytime you disrupt homeostasis exogenously, as is HPTA shut-down - lack of APPARENT T/E imbalance is *not* information, and can't be counted on. Proper post cycle therapy is ALWAYS necessary when exogenous androgens are involved.

    Also: "doesn't convert to E" is NOT equivalent to "prevents E"; MOHN doesn't convert to E and does not characteristically induce gyno, but see the paragraph before this one...then read this one again.
    Those are just about the only threads w/ any complaint about MOHN (aside from the perennial cries of "UNDERDOSED!!!1") - out of dozens, if not hundreds (and yes, I've read them all), and a quick look at either shows that these are isolated circumstances.

    AISI the main "problem" with MOHN is that it's viewed as very mild, and that has caused some incautious souls to believe that they could ignore the principles of PCT; such folks typically get in trouble - and typically blame the compound of choice, rather than their own foolishness.

    Given the popularity of MOHN, and the MANY threads here about it, I think gyno concerns are largely unfounded - *assuming* one is smart, careful, and prepared. 4-AD is ENORMOUSLY popular, is *known* to aromatize, but is not generally blamed for gyno, as most users are smart, careful and prepared. Adding MOHN to 4-AD wouldn't really change that at all - I've been contemplating 1-T / 4-AD / MOHN for next spring, I think it would be a FINE stack.

    cr4ytonic - there has been no surge of gyno attacks on unsuspecting MOHN users since you were around, and no fresh cause for concern - you are, I dare say, more than capable of successfully managing the stack you outlined. I look forward to your log.


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