T1 final Q's?!?!

  1. T1 final Q's?!?!

    i originally posted this on bod building but got noo help so hopefully can get help here...
    aight i got some q's about a MAYBE upcoming cycle i was thinkin of runnin T1 final version at 2 squirts twice a day for 4 weeks(2 bottles), and also adding 2 grams of hydroxy test to each bottle 2 help counter act some sides n help wit energy n i heard it keeps estrogen levels down, if i do this will i need 2 add extra dsmo for better absortion?...do u ppl think this is 2 much for a 1st cycle?...if so ne better dosagings?

    i plan on doing a high volume workout while on, like a GVT style training bc i heard its tha best 4 most ppl while on

    ive been liftin for about 3 years n i will b 18 when i start my cycle

    and for post cycle i was thinkin since tha hydroxy test will keep estrogen levels down will 1 bottle of 6oxo b enough 4 a post cycle, or should i go 4 somethin like nolva

    ne answers or comments will very helpful

  2. i juss read tha rule about bein 21 n askin q's about ph's but i still hope some1 can help out n give me some more incite...n please not juss tha usual ur 2 young wit no reasoning behind it....thx

  3. I'm gonna say what most people are going to and probably what you don't want to hear, you should wait till at least your 21, your body is still growing and ur test levels are still very high. If your looking to gain some size bump up the cals 500-1500 over maintenance and keep working hard, the size and weight will come. hth. Ryan

  4. i thought tha extra test i hav as a teen is bound and doesnt make a significant difference in weight liftin so then wouldnt i hav about tha same free test as now then i do at 21...and also y is it better 2 take a ph when ur 21 bc ur test doesnt drop until more around 23...and also i havnt grown in height in about 2 years so i am guessin that i am done growing in height as most ppl i kno that r 18-19

  5. it may be true that your growth has stopped but yopur hormones are still developing and until you reach about age 21-23 you dont want to risk messin yourself up because you could cause permanent damage.

    plus, you dont say how long you've been workin out and training. besides, until you know how your body will respond, whether you're cutting or bulking, how your diet will affect your training, etc. then you really need to avoid any ph/ps/aas altogether, in other words, until you reach your genetic limit, or close to it, focus on your diet, training and rest bro. not trying to dis u or anything....just trying to give ya some sound advice.

  6. i already heard all there is 2 hear about tha age thing...not tryin 2 sound like a jerk or nething but i would much rather tha answering about my questions


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