What do you think about this stack?

  1. What do you think about this stack?


    I am going to try a stack which will allow me to gain lean mass while still losing some body fat. I read about this stack in another thread "10 grams of 1 test and 5grams of 1,4ad in one bottle, and 10 grams of 3beta and 5grams of 1,4ad in another bottle....do 1-2 squirts of each bottle. 2 times a day and you'll be set". Does this sound like it will work well? Or should I do something else like t1-pro and another product, and if so what products would you suggest?

  2. sounds like too much to me...not necessary...
    you should do good with the t-1 pro or t1-final....
    and a good diet and kicking ass in the gym......

  3. That is a perfect stack......It will wrok great trust me i have used it twice. That is the stack I would reccomend for all cutting cycles and any cycle where gaining fat is not an option. Just make sure your not prone to male pattern baldness, it is a highly androgenic stack.

  4. Mixxing it my self is something I have never done before. I will by some PH gel but how do I mix it with the bulk powder?

  5. well, the PH gel is the one I assume your talking about....Iw ouldnt buy it, its way overpriced $55 is ridiculous. I belive in a few days, legalgear is going to have a thin version of the new BDC gel that they will sell just so people caa mix in their own hormones. Or you could just go to the recipe section and get the homebrew recipe and make your own formula

  6. How do you mix it? Is there any procedure?

  7. Can I put this in one bottle?


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