Another Epi/SD thread...

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    Another Epi/SD thread...

    Hey Guys, I'm thinking about running this soon.

    I'm 21 (about to be 22), and I have run 1-AD, 1-TU, H-Drol + Fura in the past.

    Stats: 5'9 180 lbs about 10% BF

    Goal: Add 8 or so lbs, and drop 2% BF.


    Week 1
    SD @ 10 mg on workout days, none on off days
    Epi @ 10 mg on workout days, 20 mg on off days

    Week 2
    SD @ 10 mg on workout days
    Epi @ 20 mg on work out days, 30 mg on off days

    Week 3
    SD @ 10 mg on workout days
    Epi @ 20 mg on work out days, 30 mg on off days

    Week 4
    SD @ 10 mg on workout days
    Epi @ 10 mg on work out days, 20 mg on off days

    Support: Perfect cycle
    PCT: Torem

    Cycle Reasoning: avoind the toxicity of SD, but keep it in the mix to add some intensity to the cycle. I'd also like to stick with relatively low doses of both to make PCT easy.

    Other ideas include reducing the above mentioned compounds to 3 weeks of total usage and bridging into furazadrol for shreddage.

    Any insight from the pros would be most appreciated.

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    This is just my opinion i do not like the idea of 2 methyl compounds even if your just pulsing 1 of them there will still be day you are running 2 methyls you mention furaz i would go one of the compounds and stack it with furazadrol right through the cycle for pct i suggest a cortisol product such as lean xtreme or retain 2 started on day 15 of pct good luck bro if i can be of any help ask.
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