1. T1-Pro


    I am always tring to cut a little. I am ay 18% BF and I was wondering if I take T1-Pro it would make me gain unwanted fat. Can some one suggest some good products.

  2. How long will a 240 bittle of t-1 pro last.

  3. If you keep at sub-maintance calorie diet, then the T-1 pro will help retain the muscle that you have while shedding fat.

    At 1 squirt, twice daily, it will last 8 weeks.
    2 squirts, twice daily, 4 weeks

  4. Thanks,

    Do you suggest any other products. I have used avant labs one beta and 1,4 andro with good results, I was considering doing this again. Do you think this would work as weel or should I try some thing else?

  5. Honestly, I only used T-1 Pro with a Thermogenic.

    I've never used the products you mentioned. Sorry man, I wish I could help more!

    Any PH experts have an opinion on this?

  6. Please read the sticky right above you kindly provided by Pogue


  7. What kind on Thermo.? an ECA, also, did you use any thing for bloating?


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