How to Really Lose Bodyfat

  1. How to Really Lose Bodyfat

    I found this in my files it's a good read ..I don't know who wrote it.
    It's very frank.

    A famous adult film producer once said, that body fat looks bad on both men and women. So bad, the advertising and entertainment industries avoid even covering people with excess bodyfat. A bad body speaks for you without you even saying a word. It says, " I am too lazy to exercise, my life a boring one of inactivity, I possess inferior genetics and I have so many issue's disturbing me I rely on food because it's my only source of control and pleasure, I'm such a jolly person I won't take offense if you mock me. " Whatever you do, or wherever you go, extra body fat will cause people to judge you and treat you differently. There's a reason as to why weight is such an insecurity on people, and untill you take control of your body, your life will be one of compromise.

    1) Differentiate between fat and lean mass: You want to lose fat and only fat. In the process you want to keep on as much muscle as possible, if anything you want to try to put on a few pounds of muscle. A scale doesn't know the difference, and it will only deceive you. So don't use a scale, as it will mess your mind.2) Don't compare your body against others:, and don't envy those with better genetics. Genetics are the result of hard work. Good genetics is a sign that their ancestors were very selective about who they put out to. That hard work and dedication passed itself on to the next generation.3) Set realistic goals: Don't set your goal to lose weight, set your goal to get healthier. Instead of striving to lose twenty pounds, strive to run a five minute mile, and in the process of getting there, your dream body will creep up behind you from out of nowhere.You have a four avenues of choice in implementing your plan, choose wisely: 1) Exercise 2) Eat Better 3) Take Drugs

    Torture yourself on the aerobics: Aerobics aren't supposed to be fun. They are supposed to be painful. You should dread having to do them. The only pleasure you should get out of them is finishing them. Ideally your heart should be pounding, you should be covered in sweat, you should be out of breath, your legs should be sore, and your throat should feel like it's on fire ( that's a sign that your thyroid gland is being stimulated, and your metabolism is about to increase ). If you can't get all those feelings together, then it means you're lazy, not pushing yourself hard enough, and not deserving of the body you desire. For the sake of getting in shape and raising your metabolism, it's better to put out ten intense minutes of hell running up a steep hill then an hour of leisure time behind a stair master. Quality, not quantity is the key. Don't make any excuses about yourself either. Olympic and professional wrestling legend Kurt Angle, even with a heart condition managed to win gold medals in Atlanta, he would train by doing wind sprints up a hill while carrying his trainer over his shoulders !

    Wake up early: If you go running first thing in the morning you'll be more likely to burn off pure fat. Usually one doesn't burn fat untill after they deplete their carbohydrate supply. When you go for a run first thing in the morning, glycogen levels are low, there's no carbohydrates in the digestive tract, and the bodies hormones are at the state where they are ready to burn away fat

    Hit the weights: Lifting weights and doing aerobics together have a synergetic effect of burning more calories then doing the two individually.Muscle makes body fat tighter and more beautiful. Extra muscle has the added benefit of increasing the metabolism.Ten pounds of muscle can burn 500 - 1000 extra calories a day ! That's exactly why those who are healthy can usually eat whatever they want with impunity. If you rough out a diet for a few months, you can get to that level, and stay at that level for the rest of your life. Increasing your strength will not ruin your endurance or physical fitness. A perfect example is Canadian hero, Rick Hanson ( for those that don't know, in 1986 he wheel chaired thousands of miles around the world, and raised millions and millions of dollars for spinal research ). Rick had the fitness, and the stamina to push his wheel chair down the road as fast as a bike, for ten hours a day. At the same time he was bench pressing about 400 lbs

    Stretch: Hang on a bar and do chin ups. If you can't do chinups, then do leg lifts untill your grip is stron enough to do chinups. Hanging from a bar is the easiest way to allign your spine without visiting a chiropracter. This will make you feel more energetic, it'll make your movements in exercise more easier, and you'll be more likely to release fat burning hormones. Yoga and Pilates have become very popular this century. These exercises are not only wonderfull for your posture but they will also increase overall strength and stamina by helping the body move more efficiently.

    Live an active lifestyle: Exercise isn't done for an hour a day at the gym. It's done throughout the day, at any given opportunity. If you spend ten hours a day climbing mountains, you'll have the body of a mountain climber, if you had sex from 9 to 5 you'd end up with the body of a porn star, but if you spend ten hours a day at a desk you'll have the body of a government worker. Any activity is better then no activity. If you like going to the bar, then get on the dance floor and move it. If you like going to the beach then go for a swim, or play some volleyball. Leave your car in the driveway and go for a walk when possible. Light activity that burns an extra 200 calories an hour adds up throughout the day.

    Diet is the most important aspect of losing weight. You need to reduce the overall amount of calories going in without setting off the bodies alarms. Eat smaller portions, of healthy food, more often throughout the day. Your goal is to raise the metabolism and give the body no reason whatsoever to put its guard up, because it feels it's missing something.

    Treat your depression: When one's depressed one seeks food as a form of instant satisfaction and control. It's diffficult to eat better when one's depressed. If that's the case, it'd be in your best interest to ask your physician for some pills, as I'm certain they'd love to prescribe them to you.

    Consume cold water: Water has no calories but takes a lot of energy to warm up ( that's why it's one of the best coolants around ). One litre of cold water that enters the body at four degrees exits the body at 37 degrees. Do the math, drinking one litre of water uses up 33 000 Joules of energy. If that one litre of water can be sweated out instead of pissed out, you'll burn even more calories.

    Up your protein intake: Eat one gram of complete protein for every pound of bodyweight. Whey isolate is ideal because it is virtually fat and sugar free. This will let your muscles grow enough to raise your metabolism. Whey peptides have the magical ability of quadrupling the hormone CCK, which is responsible for soothing feelings of hunger. Whey protein is the healthiest, most convenient, and most affordable lifestyle change, for losing and keeping off excessive bodyfat.

    Don't neglect fat: If you go without eating fat your body will be less likely to burn off its fat supply, and will go on a fat craving. Fats are very important for perfect health and for the creation of hormones, especially the hormones that increase the metabolism. Some fat's are better then others. The Omega 3 rich fats of of fresh salmon are much better then the hydrogenated vegetable oil of a pastry or bacon grease.

    Keep the carbohydrates reasonable: If you're going to run a marathon, fight a war, or toil on a construction site the carbohydrates will be your best friend. But if you work in an office, or go to school a few small portions of carbohydrates is all you'll need. Carbohydrate intake should be kept reasonable, not eliminated. Complex carbohydrates are always better then simple sugars as white sugar is known as 'white death' in the bodybuilding community.

    Vitamins, minerals, & nutrients: Go heavy on the fruits and vegetables.You'll need the vitamins, trace minerals, fibre, and enzymes found only in fresh fruits and vegetables. Many of the supplements available at your local health food stores try to replicate the effects of the exotic nutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Practice temperance: If you want to lose weight then you should seriously avoid alcohol. Alcohol is very high in calories.( Some drunkards and bar stars are thin, but only because they're perpetually hung over. In such a state they're dehydrated, and incapable of holding down any food ) Avoid marijuana too, and don't trust the research presented to you in the pamphlet handed out by some hippy downtown. It'll make you lazy, depressed, demotivated, and worst of all it'll leave you with a bad case of the munchies.

    Don't rely on over the counter supplements: There are a wide variety of weight loss supplements. Now that ephedrine is illegal, everything remaining is merely just a supplement. Just as a three mile an hour tail wind can help supplement a car in breaking a top speed record, a weightloss supplement alone is worthless without proper diet and exercise. Remember this fact the next time you purchase any fat burning products. Weightloss product inventory

    PART III - DRUGSThe only way to lose weight without effort is with illegal or prescription drugs. Each one has it's own set of advantages and disadvantages.
    Ephedrine/Caffeine/Aspirin: This stack was wonderful when it was legal, but not without its flaws. It was addictive, it wasn't healthy, and when you went off the stack, your metabolism would change, resulting in some of the weight coming back.

    Clenbuterol: is a wonderful product, in the sense that it's one of the few fat burners that actually let you put on a few pounds of muscle.This product must be cycled a few days on a few days off, so it's effectiveness is essentially cut in half. It's legal in Europe for weight loss, but only used to treat horses with asthma here. It can work without exercise, but you'll be twitching so much throughout the day, you'll get plenty of exercise without even making an effort.

    Cytomel: Thyroid hormones are excellent at raising your metabolism. The drug with the best reputation in the athletic community is cytoml. There are numerous 'legal' thyroid stimulating supplements for sale at the local health food store, but they don't hold up a candle to the real thing, which has a reputation for sacrificing muscle mass, and still requires exercise and a good diet to be noticeably effective. I do not suggest using this drug without a doctors prescription, for if you do it the wrong way you will suppress your thyroid permanently.

    DNP: is the strongest fat burner known to man, capable of melting off one pound of solid fat in a day without any exercise ! Not a medicine, but an ingredient of some explosives and insecticides. It's very dangerous, a small overdose can kill you, it's long term health effects aren't documented, and you'll leave behind an orange sweat that doesn't go away. I do not recommend this to anybody. A pound of fat is worth about 3500 calories, it'd be easier and safer to just run for three hours, or to participate in your favorite sport or activity for seven hours to acheve the same result.

    Kynoselen: injections work very well for eliminating fatty deposits in spots, it'll help increase muscle mass, and give you more stamina to exercise. This comes at a cost though. You'll need a crooked veterinarian or horse racer to get it for you. The injections are frequent, and the injection area will be very sore, and your blood pressure will rise. Nevertheless you'll still have to exercise hard, and you'll still have to eat healthy.

    Somatropin: GH shots are excellent at spot treating fatty deposits. This method is very popular with Hollywood celebrities right now, as it has a side effect of reducing the effects of aging. To get the stuff in Canada you'll need a very liberal minded doctor, a prescription from an offshore doctor, or a good black market source. If you're well connected you'll be able to buy a 4iu bottle for about $50 US. A smarter alternative would be to raise the bodies own somatropin levels by lifting heavy free weights, and by consuming a diet rich in glutamine

  2. very good and interesting, informative post.
    BUMP ^

    I especially like the part about the fat-burner supplements, how they are useless without proper diet and exercise....I wish more lazy idiots would understand that.

  3. Excellent work bro. What pisses me off about obesity is that it can be prevented. What pisses me off even more about obesity is that it costs us taxpayers $96.2 BILLION a year because some people decide to munch on fast food and sit on their ass until they get diabetes or heart disease than expect a quick fix even though it took decades of abusing their body 'til they got their disease (sorry had to vent)

  4. Awesome article. As you said, very, very frank and to the point.

  5. bump.... this is how its done

  6. bump.... this is how its done

    im not sure that kynoselen is quite as worthy as it appears to be...... i have yet to try it, but from other boards there are other substances that can be used to deal w/ fat burning properties than this one..


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