Bros your wisdom is needed! Ramble about Epistane/Gyno/Anavar, sick of it all!

  1. Bros your wisdom is needed! Ramble about Epistane/Gyno/Anavar, sick of it all!

    Background: 24, 6'4 245lb, done original superdrol, m-drol, havoc, p-plex, methoxy tst. Some were standalones some were stacks. Probably done 4-5 in the last 2.5 years. Never done real gear.

    Original AX Superdrol = Awesome
    Havoc = Barely noticed anything
    P-plex = Ehhh OK at best
    M-drol = Decent, 2nd to original AX SD
    TST = Only done it with M-drol, seemed decent.

    My nips seem to have been puffier than usual for the past 1-2 months. Not sore, not itchy. Not sure if its gyno or not. If it is gyno, its minor. I'd like to get rid of it though because its now bothering me.

    Tore worked great for me before to get rid of puffyness (worked great for everything I needed it for actually), but I think my last PCT was sorta **** (3.5weeks) for a 6 week m-drol/p-plex stack. Think this is why I have the puffy nips.

    Well I'd like to take care of the puffys nips, and I'd love to get some dry gains and strength. Here is an Epistane idea mainly to tackle nip situation:

    Week 1-4: Epistane 20mg, Toremifene 60mg, Support supps

    Week 5: Toremifene 120mg days 1-5, 60mg days 6-7, 6-oxo 300mg ED, Support supps

    Week 6: Toremifene 60mg, 6-oxo 300mg ED, Suport supps

    Week 7: Toremifene 60mg, 6-oxo 300mg EOD, Support supps

    Week 8: Toremifene 30mg, 6-oxo 300mg EOD, Support supps

    Honestly I am not even sure I want to do this. I'm sure it will take care of the puffy lookin nips situation but I know 20mg of Epistane is going to do absolutely nothing for my gains or strength. I have Epistane at 20mg because I read when you are using it for gyno reduction that if you go to 30mg or 40mg it adds to the problem rather than help it. Thinking I might run it at 40mg.. maybe stack it with something? Suggestions?

    I'd much rather do Anavar or something but I can't find a source and it looks expensive. I'd just do some Test but I really don't wanna deal with the acne, since I'm prone to it.

    Gettin sick of the DS/PH scene, gaining 8-12lbs and keeping maybe 6. Then having to do PCT, killing sex drive, ect...

    I'd like to hear suggestions about any part of this post!!


  2. ide like to hear some suggestions as well, im on my second week of epistane and i have a minor case of gyno which i would like to get rid of as well. It doesnt seem to be working as i thought it would be but it is only the third day of the second week (20/30/30/40)

  3. PCT was way too short. Many use a formula of Time On = PCT Time (and then typically add that same amount of Time Off after PCT). Also, switch SERMs from toremifene to raloxifen or tamoxifen, as those 2 have a higher affinity for blocking ERs in breast tissue. Forget the planned cycle with Epi, and save it for later when you get your nips & HPTA back in order and learn more about PCT.

    Quote Originally Posted by kingdiamond
    Gettin sick of the DS/PH scene, gaining 8-12lbs and keeping maybe 6. Then having to do PCT, killing sex drive, ect...
    This scene is the same for "real gear." You'll have to do PCT, risk libido issues, etc. These DS/PHs you refer to are real steroids, just not approved for medical use. They'll accomplish similar goals to the pharmacueticals (anabolic/androgenic effects, alter HPTA, etc.).

    FYI - The Original Superdrol was put out by Designer Supplements. They later licensed it to AX.

  4. I'm no pro, but I personally think that high doses of serms only sets people up for future issues. I don't think it's necessary to go to 120mg...and if you said you're acne prone, well this will most certainly cause bad acne.

    I personally think a reasonably dosed serm coupled with a high-dosed resveratrol product and possibly an AI alongside that, is a much better option that high-dosing on a serm which only increases the amount of your body's estrogen receptors. Basically, depending on the amount of cycles one does (always using a high-dosed serm in pct), it would be a downhill push-pull until eventually the person opts to get gyno surgery.

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