Decabolen users post feedback for me.

  1. Decabolen users post feedback for me.

    Any competing bodybuilders out there used this stuff yet let me know whats up i start monday. i am 6ft. 233lbs. and 10-12 % bf. i start my diet 5 april. i will also be using furazodrol for my last 3 weeks of the show. hit me up with opinions and feedback.
    I am pulsing 5 days a week. I am cutting but so far so good. however, no headaches like on testanate 50, and SD. i hope its not a bad batch. i am taking hawthorne in standardized pills and tea.
    BP is good too.

  2. How its going

    Woke up today 0530
    took thermogenic caps 0630 with coffee,
    cardio 0700 stairs 25 minutes, treadmill 15 minutes
    up your mass meal 1
    ground turkey brown rice, 1 orange meal 2
    whey shake whole grain bagel plain meal 3
    train legs
    whey shake creatine 50 grams gatorade powder post workout
    sirloin steak, sweet potato meal 4
    ground turkey rice meal 5
    whey shake natural peanut butter meal 6
    to bed between 10 and 1030.
    i am training 5 days a week,
    delts, trapz

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